Making Up A Resume

You know that time whenever you are trying to get into the dream job you wanted but you have no idea how to please your employers to choose you over everybody else? Then there is that time when you scour the internet searching for “the best examples of resume for your dream job”. We’re here to help you make up an outstanding resume for hiring managers to see you as an outstanding person.

The Basics

A basic resume is all about giving your personal information, your achievements relating to the job you are getting into, you’re education, your licenses, and certifications that are usually required whenever you are applying to a specific job. We’re going to show a brief explanation of what each of these means.

  • Personal Information – This is usually used for people at the place you are trying to work for to contact you. It should include your full name, home address, email, and phone number.
  • Achievements – It is usually the reason why a lot of people either get chosen as a new hiree because of what they accomplished or why they didn’t get chosen because of the lacking accomplishments they don’t have. It is important to keep track of what you have done in the past for hiring managers to make it look like you stand out from the rest.
  • Education – Your education is important to hiring managers as this is how they keep track of what you know and if it’s useful to them. Your education must be updated since times change, and so does education.
  • Licenses and Certifications – Being able to acquire these and put them on your resume is important as it shows that you are certified to work under the person that hires you. Without these certifications and proof that you are certified for the job, there really isn’t that great of a chance you will get the job.

As long as you have these four important pieces of information in your resume, you shouldn’t have that much of a problem. Providing a full, concise, and slightly decorative resume may also affect the outcome of your job application.

Useful Resume Formats You Could Use

There are different ways to make your resume more appealing to read through. These formats also rely on how much you have done before applying for a job interview. It is important to note that whatever resume format you use will greatly bring to light either your strengths, skills, and work history assuming you have worked before applying for a job.

  • Chronological Resume – This is a resume format wherein it lists your work history starting with the recent job you have worked for to the first job you have had in the past. It is best used when you want to emphasize on your resume how much you have developed over the past jobs you have been in.
  • Skill-based Resume – This format brings out your skills and capabilities to your employers. It is important to keep note that employers will only care about skills that they need in their workplace so be sure that you have the skills that they are looking for. The only downside of this is that employers usually loathe this type of format due to its lack of work history and information.
  • Combination Resume – It is as its name says, it is a combination of both chronological and skill-based resumes. This way, it would be a detailed and informational resume about yourself, where have you been working in the past, and what you are capable of as an employee. The only disadvantage of using this is that it would be too detailed and long as that is really not recommended when you’re making a resume.

These three resume formats have their advantages and disadvantages, it only depends on how and where you use them in specific circumstances. Whenever you have a big employment gap, it isn’t recommended that you should use a chronological resume as it could greatly displease your employers. Nonetheless, all these three formats are very dependable if used correctly and you have the information you need to put into your resume.


Writing your resume is essential in applying for jobs and in job interviews. It’s the means to know who you are, what you’re capable of, how good is your education, and if you are certified to work under your employer. A good resume brings a good future for you as a future employee of your dream job. With the use of the resume formats we’ve provided, we hope that you will be able to find a suitable format for you to use to make your resume stand out.


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