Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) Inspires Students to Pursue Futures Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD), nationally-renowned Fort Bend Independent School District is known for providing its students with opportunities beyond their wildest imaginations. Boasting 82 campuses – 11 high schools and 51 elementary schools – FBISD strives to inspire its students towards life-changing goals.

Skyward FBISD takes pride in offering comprehensive programs that address academics, behavioral health, social wellbeing and physical wellbeing for its students – an approach which has earned national and state recognition.

Whole Child Health Initiative

Faithful Paws pet therapy enables students to enhance their mental, behavioral and social wellbeing with help from Fort Bend ISD district’s monthly seminars on topics like social media footprinting, teen sexuality and healthy study habits as well as current drug trends.

This new model recognizes the symbiotic relationship between learning and health and is built on coordinated school health (CSH) and whole child approaches to education. CSH and whole child approaches recognize that children don’t develop and learn independently but rather within networks such as their family, school, neighborhood and community.

WSCC model recognizes that community engagement is central to reaching all students, and places an increased emphasis on community collaborations and partnerships as well as ecological aspects of school environments. Furthermore, its 10-component model integrates elements from both a traditional CSH approach as well as those outlined by whole child approaches for education to provide an holistic framework that promotes improved student outcomes.

Career and Technical Education

Career and technical education (CTE) provides students with a blend of academic and workplace skills in an experiential learning setting. CTE prepares them for future careers while making academic content accessible to all learners. CTE also offers multiple pathways that lead to postsecondary training – such as earning certification or credentials in high-paying fields or earning an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Modern career and technical education expectations have increased to meet the need for providing students with skills for advanced and emerging professions. Contrary to vocational schools of old, today’s career and technical programs cover a broader array of subjects like sustainable agriculture, theater arts production and computer science in addition to more traditional areas like automotive repair or construction.

Fort Bend ISD students at all 11 high schools have access to advanced CTE programming at the James Reese Career and Technology Center, attending classes there for part of each day while still taking core academic classes at their home campuses.

Student Recruitment

An effective student recruitment strategy is crucial to the success of any university. Without one, institutions rely solely on random tactics when it comes to recruiting new students – without data analysis that helps determine where efforts should be focused and expected results, success cannot be ensured.

Plan ahead so you can respond promptly to prospective students. Aiming for 24-hour response time on inquiries could help provide invaluable resources such as campus maps, information sessions and virtual tours that assist prospects in making an educated decision about their education path.

Show prospective students what life at your university will be like and compare it with other universities by targeting messages during visits, campus tours and calls with student ambassadors or tour guides. Include student-generated content and social media updates when communicating.

Extended Day Program

The Extended Day Program offers a safe, supportive, and supervised environment after school for lower schools students enrolled in it. Activities provided vary by location but typically include Art, Music & Movement, Cultural Arts and Soccer specialties as well as time for homework completion, reading or playing games.

These programs are tailored to meet the needs of working parents who require child care before, during and after school as well as during intersession periods when regular school days aren’t in session. All programs are located on school campuses with certified teachers providing care.

Families registering through EZChildTrack must pay a monthly registration fee; enrollment changes incur an additional $10 fee. For more information visit the EZChildTrack website. Fort Bend ISD trustees have begun preparations for their 2023 bond referendum that will go before voters in October by offering virtual and in-person Q&A sessions so members of the public may pose their queries directly to district representatives.

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