The Complete Guide to Know About Static and Dynamic QR Codes

There are several areas where QR codes can be used to make your life much easier. For instance, they can be used for in-house delivery during a pandemic.

From their limited use in factories to a ubiquitous phenomenon in shopping, QR codes and UPI scan codes have come a long way. While it was hard to imagine that payments could be made with smartphones, it is now becoming a reality. However, as a business, if dynamic QR codes are not a part of your marketing techniques, you may lose out on several prospective customers.

What is a QR codes?

A ‘quick response’ or QR code refers to a two-dimensional box of white and black designs, like a barcode. It stores information easily (even better than a barcode) and can scan and refer to this information. As mentioned before, it was initially used in Japan to track vehicles and parts in factories during manufacturing. Now, they have taken on payments and are also spreading in the world of marketing as an effective tool. Read Also: Marketing Service for Local businesses

How does it work?

A QR code works similarly to a barcode through small packs of data that hold information. They form a scannable surface, which is picked up by a smartphone camera. Any information fed into the QR codes can be displayed and clicked on once the code is scanned. QR codes do not necessarily have to be plain black and white. An exciting feature about them is that brands can customize them. They can be made in a way that represents the brand and strengthens its identity.

Types of QR codes

QR codes consist of two kinds:

Static QR codes:

A static QR code is the kind of QR code that has information directly encoded or built into the code itself. Such a QR code can only be changed if the pattern and alignment are changed. Thus, a new QR code may have to be generated to edit the information in a static QR code. Thus, if marketing material has to be changed later, using static codes may be expensive. Moreover, they are not trackable. Thus, they do not offer the option to gather tracking metrics.

However, they do have many sophisticated uses outside of marketing. For instance, you can use them on resumes. The interviewer or prospective hirer can be taken to a website or portfolio, which would make you a much more attractive candidate. Alternatively, they can be used to store any emergency information that may be needed. For example, contacts, blood groups, allergies, medicines, etc., can be displayed when the QR code is scanned. Otherwise, they can be used on an invitation to provide more details to guests and enable an RSVP option. Menus also take advantage of a static QR code when a one-time event and a menu need to be shown to a guest.

Dynamic QR codes:

A QR code contains an embedded URL that can send the scanner to a website or any preferred audio-visual material. The advantage of these codes is that the data can be changed without making an entirely new code. For instance, if the code is linked to a website, that website itself can have many different links. You can choose to edit these links instead of going through the trouble of reprinting QR codes. This is a significant cost-saver when it comes to printing and distribution.

Moreover, these codes are also trackable through a website since they can track usage. Thus, it can also provide essential data that can improve marketing strategy. It allows you to engage better with customers as well. The data that it can provide includes total scans. This implies the number of times the QR code was scanned. Separately, it can provide data on the number of scans per device, which could be helpful in certain situations.

Thus, UPI Scan codes and QR codes can be used to share product information and link the brand’s social media. This can be useful in marketing campaigns and in providing incentives to users to shop with you. Lastly, it provides valuable data and enables post-purchase interaction to facilitate further deals. For instance, you can thank the customer for shopping with you. In addition, they can be provided discounts, instructions, or information about newer products.

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