Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) Inspires and Equips Students to Pursue Futures Beyond Their Wildest Imagination

Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD), widely recognized for its excellence, inspires and equips its students to achieve futures beyond their wildest imagination. FBISD offers cutting-edge programming at all levels of education.

Crawford High School in the district boasts the first piano technician certification program of its kind anywhere!

In 1977, part of Stafford voted to leave FBISD Skyward and create the Stafford Municipal School District.

Whole Child Health Initiative

Schools are an essential institution in children ages 5-17’s lives and play an invaluable role in shaping health behaviors, practices and environments for these youngsters. Furthermore, they serve as the main vehicle for teaching social-emotional and cognitive skills needed for lifelong learning.

In 2014, ASCD and the CDC jointly unveiled the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model as a way of depicting links between health and learning. It features five tenets based on concepts from coordinated school health (CSH) and whole child framework that outline what constitutes a healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenging education environment.

Tenets were organized to emphasize the need for schools and districts to prioritize creating conditions in which all children can thrive, including accessing nutritious foods, safe spaces for physical activity, healthy modeling behaviors from adults, as well as being aware of any associations between their actions and health outcomes.

Career and Technical Education

Fort Bend ISD’s career and technical education (CTE) programs equip students to make decisions after they graduate that will benefit their future endeavors, whether that is entering the workforce, joining the military or continuing their studies at higher educational institutions.

CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. This academic discipline emphasizes teaching students practical skills necessary for success in their chosen careers while at the same time using theory they’ve learned in class to make themselves more employable adults.

Students nationwide are exploring Career and Technical Education pathways across a broad range of fields, such as health science, culinary arts, business, construction engineering and theater arts production. CTE programs of study can range from health science to culinary arts to business to construction engineering and theater arts production – many offering end-program industry-recognized certificates or licenses at their conclusion. CTE programs play an integral part in today’s high school education experience – their expectations have become higher over time to match evolving careers requiring advanced levels of skillset development and training requirements in response to changing careers that require increased levels of skill development training and expertise from their participants.

Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment’s role is to attract and convert prospective students. Working closely with departments to craft key messages about their programs, Student Recruitment offers campus tours with student ambassadors acting as tour guides who share these messages at visits or phone calls with prospective students – this approach allows departments to articulate what makes your program unique while convincing prospective students that UWindsor offers an advantage over universities with similar programs.

Video content can be an effective way of marketing a program on visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok, such as Randolph-Macon Academy did by including it in their recruitment strategy and creating an immersive story showing a prospective student searching online for reasons they should attend their school.

An effective recruitment strategy uses both tried-and-true methods as well as new ones that appeal to tech-savvy students. A robust CRM system can support this effort by helping teams engage with prospects more quickly and efficiently.

Extended Day

The Extended Day Program offers before school care (Early Start; 7:15 am until school starts) and after school care (Wrap Up; school end to 6:00 pm) for registered elementary school students in each Early Start and Wrap Up session. Each school offers customized curriculum designed specifically to meet its students’ needs.

This program is overseen by experienced adults and held on the school campus, offering children time and space to complete homework, read books or play outdoors. They also have the chance to take part in Specials such as Art History, Music Movement or Cultural Arts each day.

Parents are billed monthly through Amilia for this service and may adjust their child’s enrollment in the Extended Day program each month as long as there is space. Starting August 28th for Fall 2023 sessions, changes made after August 28th may incur an administrative change fee per request.

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