Make a wise choice while buying taps for the bathroom

Bathroom supplies include bathtubs, sinks, cabinets, and fixtures. Bathroom taps are the most important among the supplies since they are the source of water. Almost all bathrooms have fixtures with separate outputs for hot and cold water. They are also wall mixtures and usually come with an attached hand shower or a jet spray.

Types of bathroom taps

Sink or wash basin taps- These are the most simple taps used to wash hands or brush teeth. They are fitted to basins and are known to work the best on low-pressure systems. They are the least expensive in the range of taps as their size is relatively small and their functioning is simple.

Bath taps- They are the most simple taps that are used for bathing. There are separate taps for hot and cold water. The hot water tap has a connection with the geyser. The standard size for bath taps is 35mm, enough to enable the proper flow of water.

Monobloc mixer taps- Such taps come in many different ranges: they have both single and dual mixers. A double mixer consists of two taps as input and only a pipe as output to let the water flow. The two taps are hot and cold water taps. They can be used simultaneously to create lukewarm water. This facility is not possible in the case of other water taps. Hence, they are very high in demand and are famous worldwide. Another added advantage is that they work well at high and low pressures. A single mixer consists of only one input and output. But the sides of such taps can be rotated to increase and decrease temperature. Generally, when the handle of the tap is turned to the right, hot water flows and vice versa. Suppose it is lifted, and lukewarm water flows.

Deck-mounted taps- Like the monobloc taps, deck-mounted faucets work in both high and low pressures. They are flat taps and are connected to a single source of output. They are the most common attachment for bath fillers and shower mixers. They are a popular component in wall mixtures. They do not have any gaps, and both the taps and the output are connected.

Wall-mounted taps- Wall-mounted mixer taps are permanent fixtures. They are attached to the wall when the bathroom is constructed. They can be used for sinks, commodes, or fitted along with showers. Such taps require high pressures. Since these taps are permanent, it is not easy to change them frequently. Maintenance of such taps is also expensive.

Contemporary trends in bathroom taps

Floor Standing taps- These bathroom taps are not attached to any wall. They come with a stand attached to the bathroom floor or the bottom of a sink. They are integral to modern bathrooms as they enhance their look and feel. They are also straightforward to maintain and clean. They can be changed easily. They require high-pressure systems to operate.

Shower filters- They operate in high-pressure systems. Such taps require separate valves and pipes to be performed. They are used for bathing and also as a source of wastewater at times. The usage depends on the height where it is fitted.


One can fit the taps alone if they have enough knowledge and the required tools. Simple fixtures like basins and bath taps can be fitted with ease. However, faucets like monobloc, deck, and wall mounted require expertise and sophisticated tools as they require separate high-pressure connections to valves. Hence, it is best advised to consult a plumber.

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