Things to Consider Before Hiring Branding Strategy Services

The process of brand building is costly in terms of both time and money and involves a degree of uncertainty. However, this is one of the best ways to expand your company’s profits.

That’s why it’s crucial to know how to pick the best branding strategy services for your needs. Rebranding is a difficult process, and it would be a shame to start over because of a bad partner choice. Here are some things to consider before settling on a branding partner, so you can be prepared to make an informed choice.

Is This a Fresh Brand Identity or a Rebranding Effort?

The branding agency’s strategy will change based on whether they are rebranding or starting from scratch. It is common practice to retain the primary elements of a brand’s identity (logo, primary colours, etc.) while adopting a new visual style. Try to get some case studies of projects with requirements that are similar to your own.

Verify the Work Done in the Past

Unless you’re looking for a cheap option and are ready to take the risk and work with a junior designer, the branding firm you’re considering should be able to provide you with examples of their work at every stage of the process. Most branding strategy services providers would also provide a deck detailing their procedure and displaying past projects’ results. While the NDAs mean that not all of their work will be available to the public, they should be able to send you a selection of projects via email.

Look for Reviews on the Web or Ask Around for Suggestions

Online evaluations from former customers are highly desirable. Popular platforms like Google Reviews and Clutch are ideal places to look. When no information can be found online, it is common practice to request personal references.

Is Their Brand Well-Known and Respected?

It’s like going to a butcher who doesn’t sell meat to hire a branding agency that doesn’t have a brand. They can help their customers create a fantastic brand, but if they don’t practice what they preach, their clients will have difficulty putting their faith in them. They need to be well-respected in their field and able to generate buzz with their materials.

What is Their Style?

Is their tone more businesslike and formal? Do they tend toward the serious side or the fun, quirky side? Again, it’s not impossible to collaborate with someone whose aesthetic has nothing in common with your own. Still, their track record, sense of brand identification, and personality should speak volumes about whether or not they’re a good fit. Find a collaborator whose prior work you admire and with whom you have an instant connection.

Do You Need Special Photos or Illustrations?

A professional branding strategy services provider will use in-house artists and collaborate with a network of freelance illustrators. A competent branding firm can provide this for you, as it is impossible to have all visual styles on the core team. Avoid working with firms that can only offer one design option. Whether their work history seems repetitive or they shy away from illustrating your brand’s aesthetic, these are clues that they may not be the best fit.

Inquire About Their Method

Each branding firm worth its salt should have a procedure that can be shown to prospective customers. Without a clearly defined structure for how they deliver projects, it’s a red sign because branding is supposed to be an imaginative, not a haphazard, process. So, before signing, ensure you comprehensively understand each stage’s timeline, workshops, meetings, and deliverables.

In Conclusion

One of the most crucial pieces of advice anyone can give a business looking to hire a branding firm is constantly looking at numerous prospects and make fair comparisons between them.
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