Best PR Firms in Bakersfield

Barton Marketing Group

Barton Marketing Group carries media answers for Bakersfield clients to assist them with accomplishing their business objectives. It gives PR benefits that incorporate planning, media arranging and purchasing, and local area informing. Its PR experts lead exclusive investigation, plan multi-channel informing efforts, and execute and organize occasions. The organization was laid out in 2016 and has worked with clients like BMW of Bakersfield and KCLEF. President Angela Barton was granted the 2021 US Resolution for the Nationwide Community Service.

Heise Media

Heise Media serves clients in Bakersfield by offering advertising administrations. The group speaks with broad communications and carries out methodologies and measures to disperse data communicating a brand’s positive perspectives. It additionally leads crusades via web-based entertainment organizations and makes marking materials, like logos and slogans, to additional a foundation’s story. The organization has been open for north of twenty years. Its group has completed different undertakings for organizations like the Kern Leaders Academy and Bakersfield College.

Hello Salty

Hello Salty is a shop advertising and promoting correspondences office in Bakersfield that serves associations, organizations, and public organizations. It offers advertising administrations that make crusades fixated on customary media channels to draw in crowds. It likewise helps in advanced cooperation by using paid, possessed, and shared computerized media systems to connect with interest groups on the web. Extra administrations incorporate vital direction and advertising interchanges. Among Hey Salty’s clients are Pegboard, Greater Bakersfield Chamber, and Healthcare Finance Direct.

Yankee Communications, Inc.

Yankee Communications, Inc., serves clients in and around the Bakersfield metro. The firm spotlights on open and government issues and looks to convey vital counsel and imaginative arrangements that can assist clients with making connections, change popular assessment, and effect local area conduct in support of themselves. It is knowledgeable about essential interchanges and government relations, advanced situating, issue building, and emergency the executives. Moreover, it handles media relations, content creation, and political understanding. Yankee Communications’ previous clients incorporate the Bakersfield Association of Realtors, Dignity Health, and PG&E.

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