Best Probate Lawyers in Bakersfield

Bynum and Wells, LLP

Bynum and Wells LLP is a little law office serving inhabitants of the Bakersfield region. It addresses the recipients or banks of decedents with legally binding commitments. The company’s regarded bequest arranging lawyers in Bakersfield handle cases including homes containing genuine property or ledgers, dispensing resources for take care of obligations or conveying things to relatives. Bynum and Wells additionally manages matters of intestate progression. Different areas of training incorporate trust organization and separation intervention.

Dear and Wilson, PC

Dear and Wilson PC is a group of common prosecution and probate legal counselors in Bakersfield that has been in activity for more than 15 years. The firm has insight with the probate cycle, and its group is answerable for evaluating the domain of the decedent and appropriately conveying it among the main beneficiaries and recipients. The group additionally handles bequest arranging and trust organization. Extra practice regions incorporate land, business, and re-appraising regulation.

Separated by Design

Separated by Design is a law office serving clients all through Bakersfield. It assists people with protecting their abundance for their families in case of their passing by helping them in getting ready bequest arranging reports like last will and confirmations, trusts, and living wills. It likewise helps clients with their legitimate issues including divorce, kid support, kid care, and abusive behavior at home. Garrett Rice, the company’s key lawyer, is an individual from the Air Force and was an extern at the Orange County District Attorney’s office.


Fennemore is a full-administration law office serving individuals of Bakersfield that has a set of experiences returning to 100 years. The association’s essential areas of center incorporate probate and domain prosecution, and its lawyers are accessible to address people and gatherings who are testing wills or bequests. They additionally offer bequest arranging administrations to assist clients with staying away from the probate cycle from now on. Extra practice regions incorporate land, expense, and development regulation.

Hulsy and Hulsy Law Offices

For more than thirty years, Hulsy and Hulsy Law Offices has served clients in the Bakersfield region. Lawyer James Hulsy addresses relatives recording petitions for little domains as well as those engaged with bigger will challenges or property debates. He handles issues including getting expert for property deal, safeguarding family trustworthiness, and proceeding with corporate administration. The firm likewise gives home arranging guidance to issues like will creation, trust creation, and the assignment of legal authorities.

Joseph S. Pearl, LL.M. A Professional Law Corporation

Joseph S. Pearl LLM is a probate law office in Bakersfield. The performance probate lawyer in Bakersfield handles domain and trust organization matters, including trust and bequest challenges, and bookkeeping and overcharge activities. It additionally offers agent, legal administrator, or manager expulsion legitimate administrations, when important. Pearl, who has over 10 years of lawful experience, likewise offers legitimate administrations in regards to full legal authorities, wills, revocable living trusts, and medical services advance mandates.

Klein DeNatale Goldner

With three workplaces in the state, Klein, DeNatale, Goldner is a common prosecution law office in Bakersfield that has been in activity for more than 60 years. The confident handles the course of probate and home organization for the people who have been picked as agents. Its group attempts to approve the will, advise the beneficiaries, and interaction the decedent’s domain. Accomplice Barry Goldner has been respected as a Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters.

Regulation Office of Jim R. Canaday

Serving Bakersfield and the close by regions, the Law Office of Jim R. Canaday handles probate cases according to guardianship and conservatorship. The firm assists with the arrangement of gatekeepers and conservators for people who can’t deal with themselves as per the California Probate Code. The guardianship methodology incorporates inability and crippling hearings for minor kids weakened grown-ups. Laid out in 2008, the Law Office of Jim R. Canaday likewise handles family regulation and separation cases.

Regulation Office of Melvin J. Thompson

The Law Office of Melvin J. Thompson is a Bakersfield regulation practice that handles probate issues. Rehearsing beginning around 1976, Thompson assists clients with legitimate issues encompassing probate organization, including guardianships, conservatorships, and challenged wills. He looks to forestall or decrease questions during probate through bequest arranging and readiness of living trusts, wills, strong legal authorities, and medical care mandates. Thompson additionally handles cases including individual injury claims, land, and family regulation matters.

Regulation Offices of Young and Nichols

Established in 2000, the Law Offices of Young and Nichols handles probate matters in the Bakersfield region. The firm brings on its understanding into family issues while looking to regard decedents’ desires through its probate organization. It handles issues connecting with challenged wills, valuation and scattering of resources, and dispersion of protection reserves. Youthful and Nichols likewise gives legitimate portrayal in cases including individual injury claims, lewd behavior, and work regulation.

Robert Brumfield Attorney at Law

The Law Offices of Robert H. Brumfield serves Bakersfield region inhabitants with probate lawful administrations. The firm records generally vital desk work for decedent’s domains with the courts, pays the bequest’s obligations, and circulates extra home resources for its main beneficiaries. It likewise supervises each of the legitimate parts of acquired trusts. Lawyer Brumfield has over 35 years of legitimate insight. He is an individual from the Kern County Bar Association.

The Gorski Firm

Established in 2009 and situated in Bakersfield, The Gorski Firm offers probate lawful administrations. Organizer Vincent A. Gorski assists people and families with dealing with the exchange of responsibility for, including assets, property, and organizations, attempting to guarantee the probate court process is followed accurately in case of debates. Gorski, who is an alum of the Indiana University School of Law, likewise gives liquidation, domain arranging, and family regulation administrations.

The Wright Law Office

The Wright Law Office offers types of assistance to people and families in Bakersfield and the encompassing networks. It addresses clients in probate procedures and handles other domain arranging matters, for example, trust organization, extraordinary requirements trusts, tough legal authorities, and high level medical services orders. What’s more, the law office covers Medi-Cal arranging, including qualification help, conservation of resources, and court petitions. Lead lawyer Larry L. Wright has been upholding for clients beginning around 1991. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Van Sciver Law

Van Sciver Law is a Bakersfield-based firm that serves clients all through the area. It exhorts clients on probate domain organization and helps settle issues like resource circulation and main beneficiary distinguishing proof. The firm has experience taking care of cases including trust and will prosecution. It likewise directs families through the most common way of petitioning for a conservatorship request. The company’s only lawyer, Kurt Van Sciver, has been providing legal counsel for north of 10 years. He fills in as the Probate Section leader of the Kern County Bar Association.

Wall and Peake

Wall, Wall and Peake is a little law office that has served Bakersfield clients for north of 60 years. The devoted probate lawyers in Bakersfield address relatives in probate matters, including resource appropriation. The firm additionally handles trust organization to guarantee that property is doled out as indicated by the decedent’s desires. Accomplice John Wall additionally examines domain arranging with clients to decide if probate is required.

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