NetbaseQuid: Using Social Listening for Influencer Marketing

Over the years, digital marketing has evolved, with businesses adopting various strategies to understand their brand performance and image better. One of the common tools currently in play is social listening tools. These tools provide entrepreneurs with valuable information on how the public views their products and services and current market trends. Social listening has proven effective with the development of various social media platforms that provide a platform for people to talk about different brands and their products.

Aside from social listening, entrepreneurs are now using influencers and industry advocates to effectively expand their market base. This brings us to the relationship between social media listening and industry influencers. Entrepreneurs use this strategy to find reliable and industry-related advocates and influencers. Here are a few ways to use social listening to identify industry advocates and influencers:

Finding Influencers and Advocates with Brand Affinity

Social listening is arguably one of the best ways to boost influencer marketing and find influencers with brand affinity across multiple platforms. Most listening tools are designed with algorithms that allow users to identify people who frequently talk about their brand or product. Once you find these individuals, you can narrow them down to positive mentions; this way, you can find people with brand affinity beyond partners, employees, or customers. Some people can be effective brand ambassadors, especially if they have a large following on social media platforms. The following steps can help you identify these individuals:

Influencer Identification

One of the most challenging aspects of influencer marketing is finding the right influencers across multiple social media platforms. To run an influencer campaign, you need to find individuals who are passionate about your brand and knowledgeable of your products and services. It’s possible to work with one influencer in more than one campaign; however, it’s advisable to find new ones for different campaigns. This way, you can reach a wider audience and have more impact. 

Finding Brand Ambassadors

It’s a common misconception that brand ambassadors are limited to people the company pays to represent them. However, there are several people who offer their names and profile to brands for use over a given period. In most cases, the brand and influencers work together to grow their online presence. Brand ambassadors can also be super fans who resonate with your brand and product and are willing to promote you within the circle; for example, a person who shops at a particular store citing their quality and style.

The best part about working with super fans is that you get loyalty and a long-term business relationship. Keep in mind that their enthusiasm is more valuable than money. You can find these individuals through social media listening and effectively launch your influencer campaign. You can use specific keyword searches to help you find people quickly. Your listening tool is likely to compile a list based on what people are saying before you can vet advocates and influencers.

Listen for Brand Mentions

You can use your listening programs to find brand mentions. With the right keywords, you can set up alerts for your products, services, or brand mentions. This way, you can see what people are saying about your brand, both positive and negative.

Look for Influencers outside Brand Affinity

Listening tools can also help you find influencers who aren’t ascribed to any particular brand. You can take this opportunity and approach them for a partnership, despite them mentioning some of your competitors. As long as they are within your niche, give them an opportunity to learn and experience your products and services.

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