Fraud has been for as long as there have been people. Throughout history, people have made an effort to trick one another. The main contrast is that over time, fraud’s traits have changed. In this post, PitStopArabia will go into greater detail regarding the most common types of motor insurance fraud.

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Maybe you think you’re too street smart to fall for a con. But everyone can encounter it at any time. So, listen very carefully to what we have to say. You might learn a new skill that will help you stop fraud. You may also share this information with your family and friends.



Most of us lack the time necessary to visit multiple auto insurance providers. We don’t have enough time to review every policy, either. Additionally, most consumers are not conversant in the technical terminology used in insurance documentation. Because of this, many favor insurance agents. They have a wealth of knowledge and know every industry and policy like the back of their hands. Many clients approach brokers in the hopes of getting a “better deal” in the beginning. There is nothing wrong with it. However, if you are not careful, you can fall victim to deception.


Actually, it’s quite easy. Many people overlook checking the broker’s credentials and licensing. Simply put, we believe they are legitimate. We provide the money and attach our signatures. In return, the broker gives you official paperwork proving you bought insurance from company ABC. But all of the paperwork are fake. You simply paid money for a lot of forged documents. This kind of auto insurance fraud may seem overdone, but it’s actually very common.

Therefore, before signing anything or handing over any money, be sure the insurance is unquestionably a licensed individual. Without a license, brokers are not allowed to conduct business in the UAE. Before issuing the license, the UAE Insurance Authority thoroughly checks the applicant’s credentials.


You may have read about or seen a video of a driver slamming into the automobile in front of them. If so, we encourage you to search “Cash for Crash” on Google right now. We guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised and gain knowledge from the experience. When a driver rams into the automobile in front of them, it is typically the responsible party’s fault. The reason for this is because drivers must maintain a safe distance between their car and the one in front of them.

In the “Cash for Crash” scenario, the driver in front suddenly applies the brakes, crashing into the vehicle in back. The cost of the repairs, medical bills, and other expenses are subsequently passed along to the driver. Often, multiple people are involved in this con. Once more, you might feel overly intelligent. This form of deception, though, is extremely common worldwide.

By installing a dashcam, keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, and exercising caution, you can avoid falling victim to this con. Please be advised that many people who fall victim to this hoax are absolutely ignorant that they did. They would want to make a cash payment to avoid further legal problems.

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