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Are your kids memorizing Quran online? Are you looking for tips to act on them so that your children can learn Quran online? Then this article is for you.

Importance of memorizing the Quran online:

Quran, the holy book of Allah SWT and a guideline for all humankind, is of significant importance in the life of everyone. Those parents are the blissful whose children memorize Quran orally. In one of the Hadith of Hazrat Muhammad SAW, it is narrated from Him that the parents of the memorizer of the Holy Quran are blissful on the Day of Judgment. The memorizer (Hafiz) of the holy Quran will be granted special status from Allah SWT on that day. So, we all need to prepare our kids to become Hafiz. You may also like to learn about the Learning Quran with Tajweed.

To memorize the Quran to your kids online, parents should keep in mind the following things.

Create interest in Quran:

It is the responsibility of the parents to create an interest in the Quran in their children. To memorize Quran online is a tough task, so parents need to make their children penchant for Quran. They must have a quest to memorize Quran. When parents realize that their children have fallen in love with the Quran, they need to consider them for the gracious duty- memorization of the Quran.

Don’t force your children:

The next thing you need to do is don’t force your children to memorize Quran online. If a kid has no personal interest in memorizing the Holy Quran, parents need to create it. Forcing them will not work out in the end. Neither will they memorize, nor will they learn the holy Quran. So, it is better to avoid such behavior. Get the idea from, Quran Reading Course.

Give them time:

Memorizing Quran online is somehow different than memorizing it through traditional methods. So, the parents need to be patient and give their kids enough time. If kids are not responding in the initial days, parents need to motivate them. When parents give time and space to their children, they remain calm and focused. However, if parents react impatiently, the children’s attention may distract them, which is not good for them. Memorizing Quran online is not a job to be done overnight. It is a job that requires steadiness and patient. So, to get the best result, parents need to be patient.

Take good care of their diet:

Parents need to take good care of their diet. A good diet is necessary for children to memorize the Quran online. Apart from a healthy meal, dry fruits- almond, dates, and walnut- are required. It is a common practice that memorizing the Quran online requires a kid’s healthy mental and physical state. That’s why, if kids take a nutritious diet, it is more obvious that they will memorize Quran online in a short time.

Keep an eye on the kids:

It is necessary to maintain check and balance on the kids. Parents need to be around them when they are about to attend their learn Quran online class. Children are exposed to every new thing. When they have internet available, there may be a chance that they will indulge themselves in some other activities. So, the main objective- memorization of the Holy Quran- will never be gained.

Reward the kids:

When the kids do good, the parents need to motivate them and provide them with their support. When the kids are memorizing Quran wholeheartedly, the parents need to reward them. The reward may be giving them money, gifting a watch, taking them to a park, or buying them a bicycle.


The above discussion concludes that memorizing Quran online has significant importance in Islam. So, the parents need to be patient and motivate their children to remember it.   

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