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For every Muslim, the Quran serves as a source of divine instruction. Its revelation to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his practical application of the revelation completed God’s blessing for humanity by presenting us with an eternal belief and value system. Even if we can’t access the revelations delivered to previous Prophets in their original form, the Quran validates them. Because of its beautiful language and sensible message that speaks directly to the human heart, this Divine book has moved countries and civilizations. It will always lead people who pray with a sincere heart to God.

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Start with Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is a book that assists youngsters, beginners, and anyone who are unclear how to properly read the Quran in studying it. If you have no prior understanding of the Holy Quran or the Arabic language, Noorani Qaida should be your first Quran learning guide. Noorani Qaida is an excellent tutor who can help you with everything from recognising Arabic words and symbols to learning the consonants, short vowels, and long vowels. If you’re a beginner, your first step in learning the Holy Quran should be to get a Noorani Qaida.

Improve Pronunciation

Now that you’ve mastered reading Arabic, it’s time to focus on improving your pronunciation. Several novices have found the Nouranya technique to be beneficial in this aspect, as it teaches the language by breaking down the words. There are also excellent online venues for learning Quran that are dedicated to teaching Quran to people of all ages and levels. The majority of these platforms feature recorded lectures on their websites that can be easily accessible. Anyone who wishes to learn at their own pace should consider this option.

Using a Pen and Paper, Take Notes

While taking notes on a laptop or mobile device during the session is faster, using a pen and paper can help you learn and grasp more effectively. Although taking notes by hand is slower and more inconvenient than typing on a computer or mobile device, studies have shown that the process of writing out the information improves understanding and recall.

Tajweed is a Method of Learning the Quran

Learning Tajweed Quran allows you to recite the Quran in the same way as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. It’s seen as a supplement to and progression from mastering Quran recitation. Some people believe that learning tajweed is not necessary for proper Quran reciting. They are, however, erroneous. When reading or reciting the Quran, Tajweed protects the tongue against faults in pronunciation. Without studying and using tajweed guidelines to Quran recitation, one may make mistakes in pronouncing Allah’s (SWT) words, resulting in a completely different interpretation of Allah’s Almighty message.

Get to Know Your Favorite Verses

Though Muslims hold a particular place in their hearts for the entire Holy Quran, some verses are more significant in terms of the benefits they give. The Ayat ul Kursi is the best example. This is the 255th verse of the Holy Quran, and it occupies a special place in the hearts of Muslims because of its incredible advantages. You can read these verses after you’ve started reading the Quran and before you’ve finished reading it in order.

Memorize Quran

The Quran teachers assist you in developing accurate memorizing of the Holy Quran with clear pronunciation, learning the general meaning of the verses, as well as discovering the reasons for disclosing the verses (Ayat). You’ll also learn about the numerous forms of quick Hifz, quantum reading, deep memorization, and forgetfulness, as well as how to overcome these issues.

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Short Bursts of Time are used to Teach

Learning in short sessions has been shown to be considerably superior to learning over longer periods of time. A 30-minute to 60-minute session is recommended. In other words, whereas 30 minutes is the very minimum for acquiring sufficient knowledge and storing it in memory, more than 60 minutes is deemed too much information for your brain to process at once.


If you try to learn Quran on your own, it may take a little longer than if you learn it from a skilled and experienced tutor. However, if you prefer to learn at your own pace, you can go to YouTube or other websites that provide audio or video courses online. To save time and ensure accuracy, it is generally a good idea to obtain professional assistance. The finest and quickest approach to study Quran is to seek the assistance of a professional tutor.

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