Best Tattoo Shops in Anaheim

Activity Tattoo

Activity Tattoo serves the Anaheim region and obliges needs for both custom and pre-planned work. The studio’s craftsmen take care of different tattoo styles and put center around disinfection and tidiness by utilizing clean, single-use tattoo supplies. Activity Tattoo intends to convey solace all through the tattoo interaction and guides clients through counsel, plan, and consummation. The studio has been doing business starting around 2001 and is possessed by Roger Trawick, whose mastery lies in new school, Japanese workmanship, and American customary styles.

Speculative chemistry Tattoo

Speculative chemistry Tattoo gives custom tattoos to the Los Angeles region. The group of three skilled craftsmen has practical experience in customary style tattoos. Nonetheless, they are gifted in an expansive scope of styles. The shop has a 4.8-star rating on Facebook with clients commending the neatly studio, cordial staff, and skilled specialists. They acknowledge the two arrangements and walk-ins.

Dark Umbrella Tattoo and Art Gallery

Dark Umbrella is a tattoo parlor and workmanship display situated in Garden Grove, California. Notwithstanding a wide determination of tattoo styles, they likewise offer a broad display including work from nearby specialists, T-shirts, product, and craftsmanship studios. The shop environment is current, clean, and exhibition style. Facebook clients give this organization a 4.8-star rating. Clients praise the positive and loosening up experience, neatly environment, and the craftsmen’s capacity to catch their thoughts.

Caught Tattoo

Caught Tattoo is a Tustin-based tattoo studio serving clients all through the Anaheim metro region. Over time, its group of tattoo craftsmen has fabricated an arrangement of tattoo projects featured by far reaching styles and plans. Caught Tattoo devotes itself to remaining consistent with the business’ rich and bright legacy as well as its progress. The organization’s central goal is to create the greatest tattoos while giving clients an expert and happy with inking experience.

Dr.Tattoo Studio

Dr.Tattoo Studio is a tattoo shop that serves clients in Anaheim. Tattoo craftsmen have various fortes incorporate conventional, insignificant, varieties, dark and dim, Asian workmanship, authenticity, and authenticity. Tattoo craftsman Hugo Mayen laid out the shop in 2003. Among the tattoo styles that he knows about, he appreciates doing skulls, dream tattoos, and Asian and Polynesian tattoos as they assist with upgrading his innovativeness. The shop’s program of tattoo craftsmen incorporates Jhonny Lopez, Alramon, and Jose Curlys.

Engineerink Tattoo and Body Piercing

Situated in Fullerton, Engineerink Tattoo and Body Piercing is a tattoo studio that has been in the business starting around 2014 and overhauling clients from Anaheim. It offers different inking styles, including vivified, dark and dim, strong lines, practical tones, and conventional. Proprietor Josh Palmer is a tattoo craftsman with more than 11 years of involvement. He drives a group of expert tattooists who are centered around client support and fulfillment. Engineerink Tattoo and Body Piercing additionally invites clients who are attached to body piercings.

Fine Tattoo Work

Fine Tattoo Work is a tattoo shop that has been offering its types of assistance for clients in Anaheim and different urban communities in Orange County beginning around 2004. The shop was established by Lucky Bastard, who began his profession as a tattoo craftsman in 1989 and has been spend significant time in customary Americana and Japanese work. Fine Tattoo Work houses six experienced tattoo specialists and gives its clients bit by bit tattoo aftercare guidelines and tips.

Lowrider Tattoo Studios

Lowrider Tattoo is a tattoo parlor situated in Orange, California. They have a group of four tattoo specialists with a different arrangement of abilities and over 10 years of involvement with the business. The shop was established on dark and dim scarcely discernible difference style yet has developed to incorporate different styles. The parlor has acquired in excess of 150 honors overall and is perceived universally as one of the most outstanding tattoo studios. They have a 4.6-star rating on Facebook with clients complimenting the astonishing creativity and cordial climate.

Mechanical Concept Tattoo

Mechanical Concept Tattoo gives tweaked tattoos in Anaheim. Its group has a consolidated encounter of over 50 years in the business, working with different plans and clients with changing inclinations. It is centered around making tattoo ideas that stress muscle structure and the general body shape. Mechanical Concept Tattoo is a specialist with regards to styles like conventional Americana, Japanese, and authenticity. The shop is on an arrangement premise but on the other hand is tolerating stroll in clients.

My Tattoo – Huntington Beach

My Tattoo is a Southern California tattoo business with one shop in Alhambra and one in Huntington Beach. They utilize both machine and customary Tebori hand style to deliver an extensive variety of tattoo styles. Organizer, Jess Yen, has over 10 years of involvement. He has won grants on a public and global level for his imaginativeness and works in Oriental body suit and sensible representations. Each colleague of My Tattoo is a blood borne microbe ensured body workmanship specialist. They utilize single-use needles for tattoos and piercings as well as expert grade cleansing gear.

Olde Tyme Tattoo

Made out of imaginative and capable specialists, Olde Tyme Tattoo draws workmanship plans on clients’ skins in Anaheim. Laid out in 2009 by tattoo craftsman Jonathan Kelly, it has been taking care of different demands and plans but on the other hand is a specialist on photograph authenticity, custom lettering, representations, neo-conventional or new school, conventional American, and any tattoo-related thoughts. Old Tyme Tattoo is a regularly visited place and its specialists are pursued by tattoo enthusiasts because of their standing of giving perfect, quality result.

Paper Crane Tattoo Studio

Paper Crane Studio is a best in class tattoo shop found serving the metro Anaheim region. They spend significant time in making unique and custom fitted tattoos through a wide range of styles of tattoo workmanship. The shop is set up to give semi-private spaces to client’s security. They likewise utilize great dispensable cylinders and needles to dispose of re-utilization of hardware. They are learned in aseptic method and practice blood-conceived microbe and contamination control principles. They put elevated expectations on tidiness and wellbeing.

Port City Tattoo – Costa Mesa

Port City Tattoo is a Southern California tattoo business with shops situated in both Long Beach and Costa Mesa. They offer a wide assortment of tattoo styles that incorporates Japanese, conventional, old school, dark and dim, pictures, and consecrated math. Every one of the eight specialists at Port City Tattoo has over 10 years of involvement with tattoo strategies. The shop was casted a ballot the Best tattoo parlor in Orange County by OC Weekly. They utilize current disinfection strategies to guarantee a spotless office for their clients.

Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor

Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor is a shop claimed by Corey Miller who has been inking clients in Anaheim. Corey has more than 35 years of involvement as an expert tattoo craftsman. The actual parlor has been around for over 20 years with clients going from regulars to superstars. Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor has some expertise in various tattoo styles like variety authenticity, Japanese workmanship, strict pieces, and representations. It likewise inks concealments and custom tattoos.

Light Tattoo

Light Tattoo is an Anaheim-based studio with in excess of a half-ten years of involvement with the business. The group of five experienced tattoo craftsmen has some expertise in almost negligible differences and striking plans. Notwithstanding their tattoo administrations, they likewise offer a choice of shirts, fixes, and prints available to be purchased on the web and in their shop. Clients give the parlor a 4.7-star Facebook rating with clients commending the inviting climate and good outcomes.

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