Best Tax Attorneys in Anaheim

Allison Soares Attorney at Law

Allison Soares, Attorney at Law, an accomplice at Vanst Law, centers around helping entrepreneurs in Anaheim and the encompassing regions with their duty legitimate requirements. She handles charge gives that require reviews, assortments, requests, worldwide exposures, and general dealings with the IRS. She additionally assists clients with settling late documenting, neglected charges, liens, collects, and compensation garnishments. Soares has been perceived with many honors, including the Bеѕt оf the Bаr by thе San Diego Buѕіnеѕѕ Journal in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Ben-Cohen Law Firm PLC

Ben-Cohen Law Firm PLC addresses Anaheim clients in common and criminal duty questions with the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, and Department of Justice. Charge reviews, requests, punishments, intentional exposures, seaward matters, and assortment safeguard are totally taken care of by its lawyers. Pedram Ben-Cohen, a Certified Taxation Law Specialist and CPA, has over twenty years of involvement with charge contention and case and Negeen Ben-Cohen, a legitimate proficient having some expertise in land exchanges, was owned up to rehearse in 2005.

Hillhurst Tax Group

Hillhurst Tax Group serves local people in and around the Anaheim region. It gives lawful help to clients on issues concerning charges. A portion of the administrations it gives incorporate the IRS new beginning project, portion understanding, bank demand discharge, accounting, wage garnishment discharge, and the foundation of a presently not collectible status. The Irvine-based firm is staffed by enlisted specialists, guaranteed public bookkeepers, and expense lawyers. It has saved more than $10 million for its clients and delivered in excess of 1,000 tolls.

Regulation Office of Linda T. Sung

The Law Office of Linda T. Sung serves clients in Anaheim. It offers many administrations, from charge review to burden safeguard. It likewise handles matters including charge regulation, remembering portrayal for charge discussions, suit including unfiled returns, and protection in tax avoidance or extortion. The company’s proprietor has been filling in as a confirmed public bookkeeper for 20 years at this point and she likewise worked for the IRS as a senior reviewer for a considerable length of time.

Regulation Offices of A. Lavar Taylor

The Law Offices of A. Lavar Taylor gives advice and portrayal to clients in Anaheim. It handles charge debates and criminal expense questions at the authoritative level and in preliminary and redrafting courts. Its duty lawyers, who have 175 years of joined insight in taking care of assessment questions, have exhaustive involvement in the U.S. Lawyer’s Office and the Internal Revenue Service. They likewise give lawful guidance on charge issues connected with chapter 11 procedures and manage all aspects of rules and guidelines in government and California charge debates.

Morgan Sebastian Law, PC

Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, is a firm serving Anaheim and its encompassing networks. It addresses people who are confronting charge debates with state and government specialists, similar to the IRS, California Franchise Tax Board, and California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. Its legitimate group helps clients in exploring through the suit cycle when they choose to sue the IRS for the aftereffects of their reviews. The firm additionally handles cases including portion arrangements, punishment decreases, and assortment fair treatment demands.

Semper Tax Relief

Semper Tax Relief helps occupants of Anaheim with their assessment installment necessities. It helps in settling clients’ expense issues by ending IRS assortments and keeping the public authority from pursuing their home, resources, and business. The firm documents back charges, offers review assurance, and helps with getting clients qualified to burden alleviation programs. Its lawyer, Sergio Melendez, is an IRS-enlisted specialist who has 16 years of industry experience. He is a resigned individual from the U.S. Marine Corps.

Charge Law Office of Jayson M. Aquino

The Tax Law Office of Jayson M. Aquino serves occupants and entrepreneurs in Anaheim. Aquino addresses clients with infringement of Franchise Tax Board and IRS techniques and guidelines and assists them with conforming to government and state charge commitments. He settle different duty debates including changed returns, reviews, tolls, and liens. He likewise offers bookkeeping and accounting administrations. Aquino is a duty legal counselor and CPA who has been giving exhortation to people and organizations for over 10 years.

The Harpst Law Firm

The Harpst Law Firm is driven by Brian C. Harpst, a lawyer with board accreditations in tax collection regulation and home preparation, trust, and probate regulation. He takes care of people and families in Anaheim and the encompassing regions looking for charge arranging answers for their homes. Moreover, he stretches out his administrations to organizations going through different exchanges, including consolidations and acquisitions. Harpst is owned up to rehearse before the U.S. Charge Court and the U.S. High Court.

Zaher Fallahi Attorney at Law and CPA

Zaher Fallahi, Attorney at Law and CPA, addresses citizens in Anaheim. Zaher Fallahi handles various sorts of expense discussion cases, including Internal Revenue Service reviews, intentional divulgence practice, misrepresentation, tolls and liens, non-recorded returns, and unfamiliar bank and monetary records reports. He assists clients with diminishing their taxation rates or wipe out obligations by documenting offers in split the difference and honest companion alleviation. He additionally gives legitimate advice to organizations about associations, restricted risk organizations, and the arrangement and activity of enterprises. Fallahi is an ensured public bookkeeper.

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