Best Solar Companies in Antioch

Arvo Solar

Arvo Solar oversees innovation establishment projects for private and business foundations in the Antioch region and the encompassing networks. The organization performs sun oriented zap arrangements like framework reviews and establishment, battery reconciliation, and stopping structure development. Its group of sun powered industry experts gives plan and handles city license accommodation, sets up boards and hardware, and offers upkeep and fix support. Arvo Solar has been serving clients for over nine years and has proactively dealt with north of 4,500 ventures.

Clean Solar

Clean Solar serves clients in Antioch and the encompassing regions. The organization’s sun based power framework establishment administrations give inexhaustible and reasonable energy assets to clients’ private and business properties. Its group likewise tailors sun powered plans in light of people’s and families’ ways of life and electric necessities. Clean Solar is accessible to introduce Tesla Powerwall 2.0 on homes and organizations’ indoor and outside spaces, including walls and grounds. Its different administrations incorporate board cleaning, framework observing, and critter monitor establishment.

Cobalt Power Systems Inc.

Situated in Mountain View, Cobalt Power Systems Inc. takes care of clients in Antioch. The organization introduces sunlight powered charger frameworks for private and business properties and principally utilizes SunPower-brand items in projects. It offers the Tesla Powerwall, an energy stockpiling framework arrangement that gives reinforcement power during blackouts. The organization likewise has experience setting up sun powered parking spaces to assist clients with working on their property’s estimation. Cobalt Power Systems is the beneficiary of the National Customer Excellence Award in 2019 from SunPower.

Del Sol Energy

Del Sol Energy serves clients all through the Antioch metro and the close by urban areas. It assists people with putting resources into sustainable power assets by offering sun oriented power innovations that bring down their electrical costs and carbon impressions. It additionally introduces CoolPV sunlight powered chargers, zeroing in on producing warming and power for pools. Business sun oriented administrations are likewise accessible. The organization’s fellow benefactor and CEO, Josh Aldrich, has been working in the sun oriented industry for over 10 years. Aldrich likewise fills in as the Downtown Brentwood Coalition’s board president.

Five Star Solar

Five Star Solar serves mortgage holders and ranchers in Antioch with their sun based establishment needs. For north of 13 years, its group of specialists has been planning and introducing sunlight based PV frameworks that permit clients to take out their energy costs, increment their property estimation, and reduction their carbon impression. Before establishment, they consider the rooftop size and type as well as the clients’ past energy utilization. Five Star Solar is an elite seller and installer of Panasonic HIT sunlight powered chargers in the metro.

Got Watts

Got Watts offers private and business sun based PV framework establishments in Antioch. The organization furnishes sunlight based chargers with ideal execution and works intimately with PG&E to associate the clients’ homes to the primary framework. It likewise introduces entire house fans, generators, and recessed lighting. The organization is a guaranteed installer for Tesla EV Chargers and utilizations Solaria, LG Solar, Duracell, Enphase, and Kohler items. Got Watts has a versatile application that permits clients to see the phases of their venture and get update notices.

Green Air

Green Air is a sun powered, material, and HVAC organization serving private and business clients in Antioch. It offers sun oriented power arrangements, including sun based material, sunlight based battery capacity, generators, and Tesla Gateways. It additionally has EV charging station choices utilizing Tesla and ClipperCreek items. Green Air has been in the business starting around 2007 with professionals who have more than 32 years of joined insight in the field. It has been perceived as one of the Top 500 sunlight based project workers by Solar Power World magazine.

Pac Solar

Pac Solar is a family-worked and family-possessed business that serves different clients in Antioch, including instructive offices, non-benefit associations, business structures, and private properties. The organization gives a total line of administrations for sun oriented power frameworks, from planning, dispatching, and designing to introducing, allowing, and keeping up with. To guarantee the framework’s ideal presentation, its group teams up with office supervisors and organization chiefs to recognize and meet site-explicit circumstances. Pac Solar has been assisting the local area with diminishing energy utilization for more than seven years.

POCO Solar Energy Inc

POCO Solar Energy Inc offers types of assistance to clients in the Antioch metro. The organization takes special care of clients who wish to lessen energy costs and a dangerous atmospheric devation influences by offering sun based power establishment administrations. It gives clients sun oriented power frameworks choices from various brands, like Panasonic, SunPower, and SolarEdge. It is additionally accessible for sun powered pool warmers. With north of thirty years of serving clients, POCO Solar Energy has introduced in excess of 12,000 sun based power frameworks all through the metro and the encompassing urban communities.

Save A Lot Solar

Save A Lot Solar serves the sustainable power needs of occupants in Antioch and its encompassing networks. It plans and introduces turnkey sun oriented PV frameworks to give off-network capacity to homes and organizations. It sets up sunlight based chargers on various sorts of rooftops, for example, black-top shingle, substantial tile, level, and metal. The organization likewise utilizes ground-mounted sun powered clusters. The NABCEP-affirmed installer consolidates sun oriented and battery capacity answers for diminish electric utilization and introduces reinforcement frameworks in the event of network down circumstances.

Basically Solar

Basically Solar offers types of assistance to occupants and organizations in Antioch and the adjoining regions. It assists people with safeguarding the climate by decreasing non-renewable energy source utilization through sun based power framework establishment administrations. It likewise takes care of entrepreneurs who wish to decrease or dispose of their month to month electrical costs utilizing sunlight based power. Just Solar is a nearby organization with more than 20 years of industry experience. It stretches out its administrations to Brentwood, Sacramento, Pleasanton, and San Jose. The organization introduces sunlight powered chargers from Solaria, REC, and Silfab Solar.

Sun based Harmonics

Sun oriented Harmonics is a Brentwood-based sun powered organization that serves clients in Antioch. It expects to assist mortgage holders and organizations with diminishing their power costs while cultivating earth-accommodating drives through sunlight based charger establishment. It likewise helps rural clients, including ranchers, wineries, and dairy organizations who bear a colossal measure of energy utilization. The organization introduces boards in different regions, for example, parking spaces, rooftops, unused ranch parts, and the ground. Sun based Harmonics has been in the business for a long time and has introduced 17 gigawatts of sun powered chargers since its establishing.

Sun based Union

Sun based Union serves the energy needs of private land owners in Antioch. This full-administration sun oriented and capacity power’s designer will likely help clients in utilizing the sun’s spotless and environmentally friendly power. It conducts different administrations like sun oriented power framework establishment, energy capacity arrangements, and electrical board updates. Similarly, its professionals, who are likewise backers of sunlight based power, offer help with sun oriented EV charging establishment and rooftop reviews. President Ivan La Frinere-Sandoval has worked in the sun powered PV industry for over seven years.


Soleeva is a full-administration sun based energy organization that serves homes and organizations in Antioch and the encompassing regions. Its group of sun powered engineers plans and introduces roof nearby planet groups, with licensed self-cleaning and self-cooling choices accessible. Clients are additionally given after-establishment support through all day, every day execution checking. Different items offered incorporate BYD reinforcement batteries and EV chargers. Soleeva is an individual from the Solar Energy Industries Association. The organization has gotten awards from the National Science Foundation.

Daylight and Power

Daylight and Power is a NABCEP-confirmed sun oriented energy organization that has been serving clients in Antioch and close by regions starting around 1976. It helps homes, organizations, not-for-profit associations, and city legislatures diminish their electric bills while safeguarding the climate. The organizer, Gary Gerber, is an architect and sun powered pioneer who expects to configuration, construct, and keep up with clean energy answers for people in the future. The organization is an ensured B Corp and an Alameda County Green Business. It became 100 percent worker claimed in 2018.

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