Best Litigation Attorneys in Bakersfield

Rodriguez and Associates

Rodriguez and Associates is an honor winning individual injury law office in Bakersfield, California. The areas of training for the common suit legal advisors in Bakersfield incorporate engine vehicle mishaps, oil field mishaps, flawed items, police unfortunate behavior and ruthlessness, premises risk, unjust demise, work environment wounds, and that’s just the beginning. The attorneys have over 100 years of consolidated experience helping individual injury casualties.

Charge Slocumb

Charge Slocumb centers around battling for the privileges of unfairly blamed people in Bakersfield. He upholds clients associated with criminal allegations, including drug ownership and dealing, DUI, murder, burglary, and abusive behavior at home. He additionally helps clients all through driver’s permit suspension hearings. Slocumb is an associate city lawyer who has prosecuted in excess of 100 social liberties claims and guarded the city under the steady gaze of government and state courts. He has additionally addressed prison guards and sheriffs in court, giving him the skill in distinctive policing.

Bowman and Associates

With over 25 years of legitimate skill, Bowman and Associates is a multi-practice firm that opens its prosecution administrations to networks in Bakersfield. Placing esteem in client correspondence, the law office centers around adjusting empathy and forceful portrayal while helping with claims. It handles cases like disagreements about youngster care and appearance, wills and trusts, legally binding arrangements, and deals. Past prosecution, the firm additionally helps with home preparation, work and business, and administrative and civil issues.

Campbell Whitten

Campbell Whitten is a multi-specialize in legal matters firm that gives forceful portrayal in Bakersfield. It guides clients through the different phases of the common prosecution process in family and individual injury regulation. Its lawyers endeavor to safeguard the privileges, freedoms, and fate of individuals having to deal with criminal penalties, like DUI, guns offenses, and middle class wrongdoings. Establishing accomplices Clayton D. Campbell and Jesse Whitten underscore the significance of getting everything rolling on a case straightaway to get ideal results for clients.

D. Max Gardner Attorney at Law

Bakersfield-based D. Max Gardner Attorney at Law gives suit administrations in cases like those including the dischargeability of obligations, deceitful transports, and issues with cases and exclusions to acquire definitive alleviation from the Bankruptcy Court. Its only professional, Max Gardner, is a confirmed chapter 11 expert by the California Board of Legal Specialization. He addresses legal administrators, borrowers, banks, and loan bosses’ boards of trustees in sections 7 and 11-13. Gardner has been providing legal counsel beginning around 1987 and has zeroed in on Bankruptcy regulation starting around 1990.

Dessy and Dessy Law

Dessy and Dessy Law is a Bakersfield law office that was established in 1984. The firm was established with the converging of the confidential acts of Ronald D. Dessy and Fawn Kennedy Dessy. Dessy and Dessy Law gives legitimate portrayal to clients in an extensive variety of training regions, for example, land contracts, development regulation, property manager and occupant regulation, and general land case.

Eastman and McCartney LLP

Eastman and McCartney LLP is a Bakersfield law office that centers its legitimate practice in licensed innovation and common prosecution. The firm works a second office in San Diego. Eastman and McCartney LLP’s group of proficient common suit lawyers in Bakersfield offers legitimate types of assistance in the training areas of protected innovation, common prosecution, and business administrations.

Ehrlich Pledger Law, LLP

Ehrlich Pledger Law, LLP is a Bakersfield law office that essentially zeros in its legitimate practice on oil and gas regulation as well as mineral privileges leases. The company’s deep rooted common case legal advisors in Bakersfield, lawyers Melvin L. Ehrlich and Jean M. Pledger, have more than 45 years of joined legitimate insight. Notwithstanding oil regulation, gas regulation, and mineral regulation, the firm offers lawful types of assistance for genuine property and elective energy.

Faulkner Law Offices

Faulkner Law Offices is a Bakersfield law office that is worked by James and Kathleen Ellis-Faulkner and their child Matthew. The firm has been in activity beginning around 1974 and the association’s lawful group has more than 80 years of joined legitimate insight. Faulkner Law Offices offers legitimate types of assistance for a great many matters, for example, serious injury cases, unfair demise, shipping mishaps, car collisions, horrible mind injury, spine wounds, consume wounds, bike mishaps, and cruiser mishaps.

Hagan Denison LLP

Hagan Denison LLP is a multi-provide legal counsel firm serving clients in the Bakersfield region. It has taken care of legitimate issues including business, common suit, land, agribusiness, and cultivating. It likewise assists people with probate, trusts, business regulation, public element obligation, and public office issues. Accomplice lawyer Chris Hagan has been serving different clients, for example, insurance agency, public and confidential organizations beginning around 2003. He zeros in his skill on common, business, work, and land suit.

Regulation Office of George R. Horrigan

The Law Office of George R. Horrigan addresses clients in Bakersfield in separate from prosecution. It guides clients through the different parts of separation, for example, youngster backing, care, and appearance; property division; and divorce settlement. The firm assists divorced people with altering their help commitments, if essential. George Horrigan handles other family regulation regions like revocation, guardianship, and paternity. George is a family regulation expert confirmed by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. He has more than 25 years of preliminary experience.

Regulation Office of Jim R. Canaday

The Law Office of Jim R. Canaday in Bakersfield handles suit for family regulation and separation cases. Canaday assists people with managing challenged divorces, helping them in introducing contentions and proof on angles like resource division and youngster authority in trials. He likewise has experience addressing the protection and arraignment in cases including end of parental freedoms. Canaday has more than twenty years of legitimate insight, beginning his vocation serving low-pay people and families through the non-benefit association Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance.

Regulation Offices of Craig A. Edmonston

Regulation Offices of Craig A. Edmonston safeguards the privileges of carelessness casualties in Bakersfield. It assists offended parties with settling different sorts of individual injury claims through suit. The training takes on cases connected with improper demise, nursing home maltreatment, vehicle and truck crashes, and person on foot and oil field mishaps. It recuperated a $4.72 million truck mishap settlement for a past client. Pioneer Craig Edmonston is an individual from the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. He has been in the business for more than 30 years.

Regulation Offices of Michael T. Whittington

Regulation Offices of Michael T. Whittington is a Bakersfield law office that is worked by lawyer Michael Ted Whittington. Michael has been rehearsing beginning around 1988 and has filled in as General Counsel to the Bakersfield Association of Realtors for almost 20 years. He addresses purchasers, dealers, real estate professionals, property supervisors, and mortgage holders relationship in legitimate practice regions like land exchanges and prosecution, property holders affiliation regulation, business suit, business case, general common suit, preliminaries, and DRE regulatory hearings.

Lynch and Lynch LLP

Lynch and Lynch LLP is a Bakersfield law office that is at present worked by lawyer Craig M. Lynch. Craig has almost 30 years of preliminary and re-appraising experience. Lynch and Lynch LLP offers lawful portrayal for clients in a great many legitimate issues. The company’s training regions incorporate re-appraising guidance, business and business case, water prosecution, oil and gas suit, genuine property suit, and trust case.

Robert Brumfield Attorney at Law

Robert Brumfield Attorney at Law has been serving clients in Bakersfield for more than 35 years. Its prosecution lawyer handles different issues including business and progression arranging, purchase sell arrangement, and business regulation. Robert Brumfield has been addressing different people and organizations in the space of resource security arranging, trusts, domains, land, and chapter 11 starting around 1984. He likewise fills in as a go between. He is a previous leader of the Kern County Bar Association and is an individual from the Central California Bankruptcy Association.

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