Best Laser Hair Removal Services in Bakersfield

Charm Esthetics

Charm Esthetics serves people in Bakersfield and close by regions. It offers laser hair expulsion medicines with the GentleMax Pro laser innovation, which is likewise used to treat age spots, sun spots, and undesirable veins in the face and legs. The spa likewise has methodology to eliminate moles, twofold jaw, and fat cells. It oversees Botox, dermal fillers, and Asclera infusions and performs vampire facials. PRP hair regrowth methodology are accessible. Appeal Esthetics is going by Jennifer Tougas-Genova, who has 15 years of involvement.

Bakersfield MedSpa

Bakersfield MedSpa serves people in the metro. It performs altered laser hair evacuation medicines that lessen the presence of hair in the treated regions. The middle offers different facial medicines that revive the skin by focusing on kinks and almost negligible differences. Its different administrations incorporate compound strips, laser treatment, non-careful face and neck lift, vein medicines, and scar evacuation. Moreover, it has painless body therapies that address restorative and clinical worries. Bakersfield MedSpa conveys ZO Skin Health items by Zein Obagi.

Beautologie Bakersfield

Beautologie Bakersfield offers corrective medical procedure and clinical style methods to clients in the metro. It performs laser hair evacuation utilizing the Light Sheer Duet laser that can be utilized on all skin types. The gadget uses a cool tip innovation to expand the patient’s solace. Different administrations incorporate bosom inserts, facelifts, liposuction, belly tucks, and Botox. The office additionally has explicit medicines for men, including gynecomastia and liposuction. Beautologie is going by Darshan Shah, who has more than 15 years of industry mastery.

Bellissima Medical Esthetics and Spa

Bellissima Medical Esthetics and Spa offers laser administrations in Bakersfield. It has laser and IPL meetings to eliminate undesirable hair or tattoo. The office gives BBL photofacials to eliminate indications of maturing and sun harm and Erbium laser reemerging to eliminate kinks and profound lines. Furthermore, Bellissima Medical Esthetics and Spa directs Vampire Facial, clinical microdermabrasion, 24K gold collagen covers, detox treatments, and bioelectric facials. Colleague S. Saul Lahijani is Beverly Hills Institute of Plastic Surgery’s lead specialist.

Esla Oral and Facial Surgery

Esla Oral and Facial Surgery is a clinical office offering many tasteful administrations for clients in Bakersfield and close by regions for over 10 years. It comprises of clinical experts who perform laser hair expulsion medicines utilizing the Icon Esthetic Laser machine. Its laser innovation transmits energy that obliterates hair follicles, forestalling the hair to recover. They additionally convey laser medicines to other stylish issues, like hyperpigmentation, scar and stretch imprint evacuation, and skin reemerging.

EuroPhoria Medical and Personal Spa – Brimhall and Calloway

EuroPhoria Medical and Personal Spa is a corrective and tasteful organization serving the Bakersfield metro. The organization offers clinical style, including laser hair evacuation administrations utilizing The Candela Max Pro and DCD cooling. The Candela Max Pro is compelling in giving long-lasting hair decrease on all skin types and treating pigmented and vascular sores, bistro au-lait, sun, or age spots, spots, and kinks. They likewise offer vampire medicines and spa, salon, and tanning administrations. Established in 1996, EuroPhoria Medical and Personal Spa are at present in seven areas.

New Life Medical and Esthetics

New Life Medical and Esthetics in Bakersfield gives laser hair expulsion therapies that utilization the IconĀ® stylish laser framework that helps eliminate or limit hair development. An innovation answers all hair tones and thicknesses. Headed by Dr. Nirav Naik, an accomplished general and bariatric specialist. This group additionally offers tasteful administrations that regard clients’ dynamic interaction by completely making sense of clients’ circumstances and systems since “they believe every patient should grasp treatment choices, so they have positive expectations about it.”

Onyx Esthetics and Wellness

Onyx Esthetics and Wellness offers laser hair expulsion medicines for clients in Bakersfield and the close by networks. It uses Splendor X laser framework to give a protected and quick hair expulsion interaction to clients. The laser hair expulsion treatment additionally assists with easing back the development of hair in various body regions. One of the center’s PCPs, Richard H. Rawson, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is additionally familiar with Spanish and English dialects.

Uncover Medical Esthetics Inc.

Uncover Medical Esthetics, Inc., is a spa serving the Bakersfield people group. It helps people in saving time from culling, shaving, and waxing by giving laser hair evacuation administrations to various skin types and varieties. Its group of laser experts tweaks the medicines and uses a wide choice of lasers relying upon the case. The spa additionally has some expertise in microdermabrasion, injectables, and remedial facials. Its shop includes an assortment of skincare items including scours, cleaning agents, and sunscreens.

Skin Rn Esthetics

SkinRN Esthetics gives a wide cluster of non-careful stylish techniques for clients in Bakersfield and its encompassing networks. Administrations incorporate laser hair decrease medicines dispose of undesirable hair in most body parts. It additionally offers partial laser skin reemerging for stretch stamps and scars and laser vein expulsion medicines. Beckie Duke, the organization’s head, is a tasteful attendant with more than 15 years of industry experience. She established the training in 2014 and is a high level injector of dermal fillers and Botox medicines.

Skinsation Medical Esthetics

Skinsation Medical Esthetics gives body upgrade therapies to clients in Bakersfield. Its administrations incorporate laser hair evacuation, painless restorative medical procedure, and microneedling took care of by clinical professionals and attendants. Its laser hair decrease covers the lower back, midsection, two-piece, underarm, face, neck, and lower arm regions. The business intends to reconstruct the clients’ elastin and collagen through its photograph revival techniques. Skinsation Medical Esthetics likewise takes part in microdermabrasion, body clean, microcurrent lifting therapy, ultherapy, and facial strip to treat skin blemishes.

Cooperative energy Wellness

Cooperative energy Wellness is a group of clinical specialists who take care of patients in Bakersfield. They give laser hair expulsion administrations using Diolaze, a FDA-endorsed laser innovation. The group treats different body regions, including shoulders, legs, and arms. They likewise handle body forming systems, like liposuction, facial restoration, and cellulite decrease. Jan Trobisch, the organization’s leader, is a previous occupant doctor at the Kern Medical Center. He has more than 10 years of clinical experience.


Youthology serves inhabitants of the Bakersfield metro and the encompassing regions with its laser hair evacuation administrations. For clients searching for a long haul and stable decrease answer for hair development, the organization offers laser hair decrease. Youthology likewise gives final details and bundles including full-body, lower body, and chest area hair evacuation administrations. The organization intends to help clients have a positive outlook on themselves. It consolidates wellbeing and excellence with science and current innovation to convey positive results.

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