Best Car Accident Lawyers in Beverly Hills


Compass Law Group PC is an individual physical issue regulation office that addresses occupants in the Beverly Hills region who are confronting moderate to serious wounds because of auto crashes. The firm takes cases including impacts, rollovers, hit-and-runs, Uber and Lyft mishaps, plastered driving, and illegitimate passing. The company’s lawyers are talented mediators who likewise have long periods of suit insight. They utilize these abilities to arrange and prosecute fair settlements that incorporate remuneration for lost compensation, clinical expenses, recovery, and agony and languishing.

Jalilvand Law

Kamelia Jalilvand is the pioneer and lead lawyer at Jalilvand Law Corporation, a law office addressing clients in Southern California, including Beverly Hills. Her training centers around private injury matters, including vehicle-related wounds, hit-and-runs, and unfair demise, assisting casualties with getting pay for clinical costs, lost wages, and torment and languishing. Kamelia displays an eagerness to dispute bodies of evidence against enormous organizations for the benefit of her clients.

Blackstone Law, APC

Blackstone Law APC is an individual physical issue law office serving the Beverly Hills region beginning around 2008. The firm addresses clients harmed in auto and cruiser mishaps, through no issue of their own, brought about by a careless driver or producer of defective hardware. Blackstone Law helps clients in seeking after monetary pay for lost compensation, unforeseen doctor’s visit expenses, and vehicle fixes or substitution. The firm likewise handles work regulation and business suit cases.

Craftsman and Zuckerman

Craftsman and Zuckerman is a main individual physical issue law office situated in Beverly Hills, California. CZ Law’s Beverly Hills auto crash attorneys give great legitimate portrayal to clients associated with auto, truck, transport, bike, bike, walker, and crosswalk mishaps. The firm likewise handles numerous different kinds of individual injury and unjust demise cases, for example, those including slip and fall mishaps, wounds from faulty items, occurrences of clinical negligence, and that’s just the beginning.

Daneshrad Law PC

Daneshrad Law PC serves families and people in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and close by regions. It endeavors to assist harmed casualties with defeating their difficult encounters by giving legitimate portrayal and help with auto crash cases including neck and back wounds, spinal line wounds, cerebrum wounds, and illegitimate demise. Related practice regions incorporate transport mishaps, cruiser mishaps, premises risk, and consume wounds. The essential lawyer at the firm, Alan Daneshrad, is conversant in Farsi and is an individual from the American Bar Association.

Douglas Pryor Attorney At Law

Douglas Pryor, Attorney At Law, addresses clients across the Beverly Hills metro and close by regions. He gives legitimate help to car collision casualties and manages insurance agency in gathering harms. Pryore handles creature nibbles, clinical misbehavior, item obligation, seizing, attack, and carelessness cases. He likewise offers legitimate insight to clients on different corporate regulation issues, including contract exchange, consolidations, and business leases. His other practice regions incorporate criminal safeguard, common case, land, and business regulation.

Engelman Law Firm

Engelman Law Firm is a full-administration work on serving clients in Beverly Hills, California, and the encompassing regions. The strong handles individual injury cases, including fender benders as well as slips and falls, canine chomps, clinical misbehavior, and unfair passing. Clients likewise enlist the firm to address them in labor and business debates. Lawyer Britany Engleman has been named to the Super Lawyers rundown of Southern California and named one of Southern California’s Top Women Attorneys.

Gould and Jefferson of Beverly Hills

Gould and Jefferson of Beverly Hills is a California law office that addresses clients in cases concerning individual injury or improper demise in auto collisions. The firm was established by legal advisors Ryan Naim and Nathan Soleimani, both of whom are beneficiaries of Avvo’s Clients’ Choice Award. Past clients compliment Gould and Jefferson of Beverly Hills for the impressive skill and adequacy of its group in the court. The firm likewise has insight with criminal guard cases.

J&Y Law Firm

J&Y Law Firm is an individual physical issue law office situated in Beverly Hills, California. Areas of training incorporate vehicle, cruiser, and truck mishaps, as well as private injury and unfair demise while ride sharing. The firm was established by Jason Javaheri, a beneficiary of the 2015 Litigator Award, and Yosi Yahoudai, an individual from the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40. Clients laud the pair for their sympathy and impressive skill.

Kashani Law, PC.

Kashani Law PC, established by lawyer Payton Kashani, is situated in Century City, California. Areas of training incorporate auto, cruiser, truck, bicycle, transport, Uber/Lyft, business vehicle, and uninsured and underinsured driver mishaps, as well as unfair passings and canine nibbles. Payton is an individual from the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities and Consumer Attorneys, and he won The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 honor. Clients value the group’s amazing skill and moral guidelines.

Khashayar Law Group

Khashayar Law Group is a firm serving clients in Beverly Hills. It offers nonstop help with an extensive variety of individual injury cases including car crashes, unfair demise, and canine nibbles. Its lawful group works with specialists in the fields of medication, financial aspects, biomechanics, and mishap recreation to construct major areas of strength for a for recuperating monetary remuneration. One of the association’s attorneys, Daryoosh Khashayar, has over 12 years of legitimate insight. He has dealt with bodies of evidence against partnerships and insurance agency like KB Homes, Progressive, and Lloyds of London.

Khorshidi Law Firm, APC

Khorshidi Law Firm, APC, has been addressing clients all through the Beverly Hills metro beginning around 2002. It offers legitimate help for fender bender casualties and assists with getting pay. The firm likewise helps clients impacted by slip-and-fall mishaps and contests responsible land owners for their sake. Harmed development laborers can likewise select legitimate advice from the firm. Omir Khorshidi, the association’s essential attorney, has over 15 years of legitimate insight. He is an individual from the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Larian Law

Larian Law addresses clients in Beverly Hills. Group addresses people have been harmed in vehicle and engine vehicle mishaps. The lawful firm has dealt with numerous fender bender cases with settlements and decisions in millions. Individual injury and work and business regulation are different subject matters. The association’s pioneer, Alexander M. Larian, has experience addressing the two offended parties and respondents in case. His legitimate vocation started when he worked for a multi-guard office called Koletsky, Mancini, Feldman and Morrow.

Regulation Office of David Mamann

The Law Office of David Mamann assists fender bender casualties in Beverly Hills and the close by networks with procuring a good settlement for their wounds and misfortunes. David Mamann started providing legal counsel in 1987 and sent off his performance vocation as an individual injury lawyer in 1993. His group incorporates claims moderators who have north of 10 years of involvement settling protection claims. Mamann is familiar with French and Hebrew. His staff has individuals who are familiar with Armenian, Spanish, and Russian.

Regulation Office of F. Anthony Koushan

Situated in Beverly Hills, the Law Office of F. Anthony Koushan addresses clients with their own physical issue cases. It handles cases emerging from the damage brought about by the carelessness or foolishness of the to blame gatherings in vehicle, cruiser, transport, and truck, mishaps. Koushan draws from his north of 25 years of involvement with recuperating monetary harm for mind, consume, loss of motion, or spine wounds. His latest achievement includes a settlement worth $9.5 million for a client who caused mind injury from a mishap.

Regulation Offices of Brian Nelson Los Angeles

The Law Offices of Brian Nelson Los Angeles is an individual physical issue firm situated in Beverly Hills, California, that addresses clients in cases including auto, boat, and bike mishaps. The firm, which likewise has an office in Seattle, Washington, takes cases connecting with other individual wounds, like creature nibbles and threatening behavior. Brian Nelson holds a bar confirmation for the Supreme Court of the United States of America as well as the Supreme Court of California.

Regulation Offices of Eslamboly Hakim

The Law Offices of Eslamboly Hakim give legitimate portrayal to auto crash casualties in Beverly Hills and a few California regions. This firm comprises of three lawyers who offer an exhaustive way to deal with auto collisions, giving clients suggestions for clinical consideration and help with protection exchanges. Sharona Eslamboly Hakim, the establishing accomplice, is a functioning individual from the California State Bar Association and the Beverly Hills Bar Association. She is likewise conversant in English, Italian, Spanish, and Farsi.

Regulation Offices of Haleh Shekarchian

The Law Offices of Haleh Shekarchian is a mishap and individual injury firm in Beverly Hills, California, that has been addressing injury casualties and their families beginning around 1993. Its lawyers handle individual injury cases including auto, truck, transport, bike, and cruiser mishaps, as well as laborers’ remuneration and illegitimate passing claims. The firm additionally addresses clients associated with development mishaps, canine and other creature assaults, quick in and out mishaps, and instances of carelessness.

Regulation Offices of Joseph Pourshalimy

Regulation Offices of Joseph Pourshalimy serves clients in Beverly Hills and close by regions. Its group of lawyers helps casualties battling to pay for their medical services costs directly following a fender bender. It assesses each case to demonstrate carelessness and decides every client’s pay. It likewise gives exhortation to enduring relatives who have endured misfortunes because of the decedent’s illegitimate passing. The group addresses clients in dealings and preliminaries. The firm has acquired more than $40 Million in settlements and decisions.

Levitt, Leichenger and Aberle LLP

Levitt, Leichenger and Aberle LLP is a Beverly Hills-based law office that serves clients in the whole province of California. The legal advisors at the firm work with clients engaged with individual injury cases like fender benders, ridesharing mishap wounds, premises responsibility, horrendous cerebrum injury, and clinical negligence. They likewise give lawful counsel and portrayal to organizations associated with business question cases. David B. Leichenger has been specializing in legal matters in California starting around 1983 and is an individual from the Consumer Attorneys of California.

Nabi Law

Nabi Law serves people in Beverly Hills and the encompassing regions who were harmed from traffic accidents. Its lawyers take on claims that include vehicles, cruisers, trucks, and Uber or Lyft vehicles. They assess the conditions of casualties to accumulate the data that might uphold claims for hospital expenses, lost occupation, property harm fix, and home redesign for obliging a handicap. Nabi Law likewise handles other individual injury cases, for example, canine nibbles, premises risk, and illegitimate demise.

Pedram Law P.C.

Pedram Law P.C. addresses casualties engaged with auto crashes all through Beverly Hills. Nima Pedram handles the individual injury guarantee process for fender bender casualties, like gathering proof, accumulating clinical records, and dealing with protection discussions. He resolves debates through assertion and intercession, however will likewise advocate for clients to court to safeguard their privileges for just pay. He likewise handles instances of cruiser and truck mishaps. Pedram was named one of the Top 40 under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers.

Plume and Arrow LLP

Plume and Arrow LLP, is an offended party’s firm that serves the lawful requirements of inhabitants inside the Beverly Hills metro. It offers help with procedures including auto collisions along with lemon regulation questions and individual injury. The organization is a forceful supporter that utilizes a dynamic, results-situated prosecution way to deal with expand its clients’ recuperation possibilities. Establishing legal counselors, Kevin Jacobson and Jonathan Shirian, intend to zero in on speedy turnarounds. Also, they carve out opportunity to team up with their clients and dive deeper into their cases.

Rafii and Nazarian LLP

Rafii and Nazarian LLP is a Beverly Hills, California, law office that has seven lawyers with more than 100 years of involvement providing legal counsel all through the state. With nine areas, the confident handles auto crash cases, including airbag disappointment, and bike, passerby, and shipping impacts. The company’s lawyers battle to recuperate clinical costs, agony and enduring, loss of pay, and property and corrective harms. Rafii and Nazarian LLP likewise offers types of assistance for Spanish-talking clients.

Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices

The Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices has been helping genuinely harmed people and their families beginning around 1976. Situated in Beverly Hills, the firm assists fender bender casualties with considering to blame gatherings responsible, assesses and documents claims, and handles guarantee dissents. Hoffman, its only lawyer, manages cases including slip and fall, improper passing, and bike mishaps. A financial matters graduate, Hoffman is likewise an individual from the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles. His firm has recuperated large number of dollars in settlements and settlements for his clients.


Wiseman/Hoffs is an individual physical issue law office that helps survivors of wounds and car crashes in preliminary case and pay claims in the Beverly Hills metro. The law office is worked by accomplices Alfred Joseph Wiseman and Jesse T. Hoffs who have more than 50 years of consolidated legitimate insight. The team has broad experience addressing casualties who have experienced mishap wounds, for example, neck and back wounds, spinal line harm, cerebrum harm, and passings.

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