Best Business Lawyers in Bakersfield

Bynum and Wells, LLP Attorneys at Law

Bynum and Wells, LLP, Attorneys at Law, serves organizations and families in the Bakersfield region. It offers legitimate types of assistance for corporate regulation matters, including drafting arrangements and development and disintegration of LLCs, as well as help with general and restricted organizations and for-benefit and non-benefit partnerships. The firm likewise offers trust organization and home arranging administrations. One of its lawyers, David C. Bynum, served on the leading group of the Habitat for Humanity Golden Empire from 2007 to 2013.

Coleman and Horowitt, LLP Attorneys At Law

Coleman and Horowitt, LLP, Attorneys At Law, is a multi-practice firm that has been serving Bakersfield and close by regions for north of 20 years. Its group guides organizations, business people, financial backers, and creators who are managing matters concerning licensed innovation, investor purchase sell arrangements, and unstable exchanges. The lawyers likewise help clients through the method involved with shaping, rearranging, and dissolving not-for-profit and for-benefit associations. Firm pioneer Darryl Horowitt is an individual from the Association of Business Trial Lawyers Board of Directors.

Guerrero Mears LLP

Guerrero Mears LLP is a conditional law office that takes special care of clients in Bakersfield and close by networks. It offers various administrations to assist business visionaries with accomplishing their business objectives, including corporate and organization arrangement. It gives business guiding and corporate rebuilding administrations and handles corporate issuances and recapitalizations. It additionally deals with issues including consolidations and acquisitions and disintegrations. Jose A. Guerrero, one of the association’s establishing accomplices, has more than 25 years of involvement. He is likewise the prime supporter of Hispanic Business Connections.

Hodges Law Group

Hodges Law Group helps clients in the Bakersfield region with business regulation difficulties. It prompts organizations and organizations on legitimate issues, for example, business arrangement, disintegration, contract questions, case, and misdeeds. It likewise manages association conflicts, out of line business strategies, and proprietary innovation issues. Kelly Francisco, one of the company’s lawyers, is confessed to rehearse in the United States Tax Court, the Court of Appeals, and area courts. For more than 37 years, he has taken care of business and land exchanges, as well as common claims.

Jones and Beardsley, P.C. Lawyers At Law

Jones and Beardsley, P.C., Attorneys At Law, serves people and huge organizations in Bakersfield and the encompassing metros. It assists clients with framing organizations and get ready buy and deal arrangements, rent arrangements, and various kinds of agreements. The firm likewise helps with settling questions among organizations and outsiders through case. Its different areas of training incorporate oil and gas, land, and work and business regulation. Pioneer Mark A. Jones is a previous board individual from the Kern County Building Industry Association.


Kronick is a full-administration legitimate practice laid out in 1959. It gives preventive guiding to organizations, not-for-profits, and districts in Bakersfield and the encompassing networks. It exhorts little, average sized, family-claimed, and public corporations on corporate administration and consistence. It likewise helps with business developments and rearrangements, purchase sell exchanges, contract drafting and discussions, insurance contract audits, licensed innovation matters, and government and state tax assessment issues. The enterprises Kronick serves incorporate banking and money, medical care, protection, development, agribusiness, and water.

Regulation Offices of Maurice M. Javier

The Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier has been serving clients in Bakersfield for north of 24 years. It handles a great many issues including business regulation, from general counseling and business obtaining to renting arrangements and land exchanges. It likewise handles contracts and safeguards clients’ resources. It mostly serves dental practices and other entrepreneurs from various callings who needs legitimate administrations. It likewise fills in as a specialist for innovation and patent turn of events.

Randy Rumph Attorney and Counselor at Law

Randy Rumph Attorney and Counselor at Law serves occupants of Bakersfield and the encompassing regions who have concerns with respect to business regulation. The firm purposes questions between partners, including breaks of agreement and claims of extortion. The workplace likewise chips away at deals and business arrangements. Counsel Randy Rumph was authorized in the state in 2004 and had laid out his own office inside Nevada in 1994. His clients incorporate realtors, people in the oil business, and restaurateurs.

Yahnian Law Corporation

Yahnian Law Corporation offers types of assistance for people, private ventures, and firmly held partnerships in Bakersfield. It works with clients in issues concerning business regulation preparation. It makes custom resource assurance designs and utilizes vital reactions to obligation issues. It additionally offers licensed innovation examination and arranging administrations. Furthermore, bequest arranging and organization are among its subject matters. D. Steven Yahnian, the company’s establishing lawyer with more than 42 years, is a board-confirmed duty and domain arranging trained professional and a Certified Financial Planner.

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Zimmer and Melton LLP

Zimmer and Melton LLP is a regulation office that serves individuals of Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. Its training regions incorporate business regulation, helping clients in value-based matters, including making lawful elements, dealing with consolidations and acquisitions, drafting contracts, arranging arrangements, rent arrangements, and property buy and deal. Charles Melton, the overseeing lawyer, centers around business regulation practice at the firm. His customers incorporates entrepreneurs, designers, ranchers, financial backers, and loaning organizations. Melton furnishes them with intensive wanting to keep away from future claims and administrative infringement.

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