5 Benefits Of Playing Music While Working Remotely

Music can have many cognitive benefits, from motivation to relaxation. The duration of an album or playlist can also be a less disruptive way to stay aware of time than setting timers. Learn more about five benefits of listening to music during remote work.

Motivate & Stimulate Your Brain

Neurological research shows that music has the ability to activate numerous pathways, networks and regions in the brain and exercise a listener’s mind. Playing the right type of music can motivate you to get the job done. The type of music you choose can have different effects, so you might consider experimenting with ambient, classical, instrumental or other types of music while working.

Manage Your Task Anxiety

Just as a virtual office background can limit anxiety triggered by distractions in your remote work environment, music can help to manage symptoms of work-related anxiety. Rather than temporarily escaping problems, music can help listeners work through challenges.

A lowered heart rate, regulated breathing pattern and a reduction in stress hormones are a few physiological effects associated with listening to music. These benefits can be particularly useful when working on difficult tasks.

Stay Focused On Tasks

Music has the ability to engage the brain and make listeners pay closer attention. Harnessing the ability to promote focus through selective sensory input can make it easier to apply your concentration to various tasks.

Any type of sensory input can impact your level of focus. Using Immersive View backgrounds that situate every meeting participant in a shared virtual space can prolong attention and focus for longer than other view modes.

Discover New Music

If you listen to music online while you work, you are more likely to come across new artists and bands. Whether you choose to play an online radio station for study or work or look for albums to listen to while you work, people who work to music are more likely to listen to more music.

There are many ways to access music online, from subscription streaming services to free, ad-supported playlists and online radio stations. Playing music in physical formats while working can minimize digital distractions.

Create a Calming Environment

Music set around 60 beats per minute allows for the most significant reduction in stress. Research suggests that music with this beat can synchronize with alpha brain waves that promote relaxed focus.

In terms of visual input, using a virtual office background with logo is a good way to eliminate stress over surroundings. These backgrounds look clean, realistic and professional, and can be used by individual participants or as scenes for the Immersive View feature in Zoom.

Playing music while you work can promote focus, reduce anxiety and keep you engaged and motivated. Whether you choose ambient music, classical music, instrumentals or scores, you can find the right music for the way you work. You may want to experiment with working with music with and without lyrics and different beats per minute to determine whether these factors have any impact on your level of productivity.

By Cary Grant

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