Shangai heights Gulberg master plan and updates


Shanghai Heights is a new luxury mixed-use housing project in Islamabad’s Gulberg Greens. Shanghai Builders is sponsoring the project, claiming a ten-year track record of success in China’s construction business. This development’s NOC will be approved soon.

By presenting this joint venture in Gulberg Green Islamabad, the developer has entered the real estate market of Islamabad. A towering nine-story building complex has been planned for the project. The site is still in the process of being developed.

There are various reasons for people to invest freely in Faisal Hills, just as there are in this project.

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Shanghai Heights Gulberg Owners and Developers:

Shanghai Heights Gulberg Islamabad’s developers are extremely talented and professional. Shanghai Heights is a joint venture between a local company and the Shanghai Construction Group (SCG).

Jiangsu Stock Exchange Building, Beijing’s Heng Run International Mansion, Jing Men’s International Electronics City, and Qinghai’s National Exhibition Center are just a few of the projects they’ve successfully delivered.

Meanwhile, various residential and commercial developments are currently under construction along this road; choosing the best alternative would be difficult. As a result, you must analyse the builder’s background, the development’s location, the building design, the price structure, and the construction site.

About Shanghai Builders:

Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) is a fantastic Chinese construction firm. It has basic technology and the ability to build high-rise towers, bridges, industrial plants, and a variety of other structures. It has completed various construction projects in China as well as in a number of other nations.

Shanghai Heights Gulberg NOC:

The concerned development authorities have yet to approve Shanghai Heights Gulberg’s No Objection Certificate (NOC). Once the development is registered, Sky Marketing will provide an update.

Shanghai Heights Gulberg Location:

Shanghai Heights is wonderfully located on the Gulberg Expressway, directly at the entrance to Gulberg Greens Islamabad. In addition, the location should be directly across from the marketing office in Block B, near Samama Gulberg.

Shanghai Heights, too, is in a good position, with direct access to parks, commercial centres, hospitals, and schools. The building was created by the developers to provide all of the world’s best amenities and accessibility to its consumers. Get the idea from Parkview Islamabad.

Taj Residencia’s location, which is in Islamabad’s major sector, is also referred as as a prime position.

Shanghai Heights Gulberg Payment Plan:

Shanghai Heights Gulberg Islamabad has a very flexible payment schedule. The payment plan is so reasonable that anyone may afford to live in Shanghai Heights Gulberg Islamabad.

Penthouse units have already been sold out, so you’ll have to choose from 1, 2, and 3-bedroom flats. In addition, bookings begin with a 20% down payment, with the remaining balance paid in 11 equal quarterly instalments.

If you want to buy an apartment, shop, or an office in Gulberg Green Islamabad, then Shanghai Heights is the place for you. Please contact Sky Marketing for any chat guidance or investment supervision, and we will guide you to your ultimate goals.

Shanghai Heights Gulberg Facilities and Amenities:

The Shanghai Heights Gulberg Islamabad offers all of the latest conveniences and amenities at a reasonable price. The amenities are part of this opulent development, which may be described as a full-fledged commercial project.

Gulberg Pride Islamabad will reflect all of the smart features of the community, just like Capital Smart City. The Shanghai Heights Gulberg offers a variety of retail establishments and executive offices of various sizes. These are appealing properties that you may purchase at a discount. Get the idea from Eighteen Islamabad.

Modern infrastructure:

The housing project is attempting to develop a sustainable transportation system that will meet the needs of vehicles, walkers, bicycles, and other freedom seekers. Shanghai Heights will showcase a high-tech transportation system that is more efficient.

The Urban Look:

The underlying civil civilisation has shifted in cosmopolitan centres. All modern-day amenities will be available in this society’s current metropolitan world. As a result, the housing society will be envisioned as a complete modern residential centre with an ultra-urbane ambiance.

Similarly, the project Blue World City gives simple access to its residents, much as this project does for its clients.


Shanghai Heights Gulberg Islamabad is a modern development with cutting-edge infrastructure and enhancements. The development is being built with one goal in mind: to give people with a worldwide recognised living and commercial experience.

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