Restaurant Marketing Techniques Geared Toward Millennials

Enticing potential customers to stop and grab a bite requires more today than it has in the past. Eateries need to determine the best ways to appeal to their audience and stand out from the competition. As almost a quarter of the population at 23.6%, getting the attention of millennials can be especially vital for success. Below are a few techniques restaurants should be employing to market to this age group specifically.

Before we get into strategies, who’s considered a millennial? A common consensus puts the year range between 1981 and 1996. This would make the youngest around 26 and oldest in their 40s. Most of these adults have jobs, an eclectic taste in dining and disposable incomes. As such, they are not to be confused with the younger Gen Z, who are largely still in school.

At more than 75 million strong in the U.S., there’s a lot of hungry millennial mouths to feed. Lucky for restaurateurs, they love to go out to eat. Whether it’s getting some fast food on-the-go or sitting down to enjoy a meal at a popular outdoor eatery, they dine out an average of 241 times a year!

One of the top ways to market to this crowd is to create a unique brand and live up to it. It’s advised to be different, as millennials embrace authenticity. They care about the culture of the establishment and what makes it different from the rest. However, it’s essential to live up to the hype and keep brand consistency in mind when constructing your marketing narrative.

They also care about an establishment’s values. Do you have strong sentiments on sustainability? They want to know. In fact, 85% of millennials believe it’s important for companies to implement programs to improve the environment, and doing so makes them stand out from the crowd. You could appeal to this with environmentally friendly to-go packaging, local ingredients, or with sustainably sourced decorations or building structures. Be sure to market such initiatives loud and proud.

Consistency also needs to be prominent in your online presence. Ensure the omnichannel persona you have created translates well online and serves to connect to the vast number of potential customers residing there. Consider making it fun and trying new things.

Having a voice worth listening to on the various social media platforms can be enormously influential in attracting this group. On the other hand, be careful not to be too aggressive or annoying in your marketing strategy. One in five millennials have reportedly stated they will unfollow a brand that does so.

With each passing year, millennials will hold more and more buying power. Neglecting to cater to this important demographic could cost you more than making initial promotional investments. For additional marketing ideas to boost your appeal to millennials, please see the accompanying resource created by experts on custom partitions.

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