Does Buying a Commercial Office Space Make a Good Investment Proposition?

Over the past decade there has been robust real estate growth in India. There are many factors that have contributed to this growth. It is not just the influx of multi-national companies, influx of tech giants setting up back-end and R&D centers here in India.

Overall there has been a steady increase in business activities and therefore there is a steady increase in demand for commercial office space. Today there is a new crop of young entrepreneurs who are shaping the new look of this fast-growing economy. Due to all these factors there is a growing demand for both large corporate office in Kolkata and commercial shops for sale in Kolkata.

While the above section mentioned some of the common reasons behind the growth in the demand for office space in Kolkata we now look at answering the question whether buying a commercial office space is a good investment proposition.

It is simple economics that if there is demand and supply is low or steady then prices will increase. Since there is a steady demand for office space in Kolkata it is safe to say that prices will increase. By how much prices will increase that is hard to say as there are different factors that influence price increase.

In the US and other western countries a return of say three to five percent is deemed as a good return on investment. But here in India a return of say ten to twelve percent is considered as an average return on investment.

Investing in any property is not as simple as it may sound. You either need to identify the property yourself or you will need to meet up with a real estate broker who can suggest you up-coming commercial projects that will make for a good investment.

If you would like to identify the property for investment yourself then you approach should be to look for projects where the construction is underway but not completed. This would be a somewhat risk taking step because the project is not completed and you will have very little idea as to when project will be completed. So a safe bet would be to invest in a commercial property which is complete and ready for possession. Property rates are known to increase steadily over a period of time and as property rates grow so will your investment.

You can also approach a few real estate brokers to suggest you corporate office in Kolkata for investment purposes. It is the job of the real estate broker to show you some completed office space in Kolkata. Based on their suggestions you will have to make your own decision. The decision is whether or not you see growth potential in any of the suggested commercial shops for sale in Kolkata.

If you would like to invest in commercial shops for sale in Kolkata then you need to invest early in the project. The earlier you invest the better appreciation you can expect.

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