Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Antioch

Boeger Law Firm

Boeger Law Firm is a gathering of individual injury legal counselors serving the Antioch region and fundamentally centered around private injury suits and cases. With two extra workplaces all through the express, the firm holds a client base, underlining individual help as fundamentally important. It handles a few sorts of vehicular mishaps, canine assaults, and tanked driving episodes. Establishing lawyer Craig Boeger has been addressing individual injury casualties beginning around 1993. Boeger Law Firm likewise prosecutes gigantic injury and unfair passing cases. It is an individual from the Contra Costa County Bar Association’s Wrongful Death/Massive Injury/Personal Injury Panel.

Cal Injury Law Group

Cal Injury Law Group takes special care of the Antioch people group. It addresses harmed people in various parts of individual injury processes, for example, guarantee opening through preliminary, required settlement gathering, and exchange of delivery claims. Satisfying the award of being in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, pioneer Anthony Remo Luna endeavors to help casualties in recuperating greatest remuneration, particularly for disastrous wounds. He turned into an individual from America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators in 2018.

DiAna Law Group

DiAna Law Group, situated in Walnut Creek, serves clients in Antioch who are engaged with individual injury cases. Its lawyers take on cases in which the offended parties have been hurt or their property has been demolished because of the carelessness of others. They utilize lawful means to accomplish only pay for survivors of fender benders, canine assaults, clinical negligence, and premises responsibility. One of its new triumphs includes a car crash in which the client got a $500,000 payout.

Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen and Lucey

GJEL Accident Attorneys is an individual physical issue law office with workplaces in Antioch and all through northern California. For north of 40 years, it has been safeguarding the privileges of individuals hurt by the careless or wild demonstrations of others. It addresses casualties of mishaps including vehicles, transports, trucks, cruisers, bikes, and people on foot. The firm additionally handles unjust demise cases. Its lawyers look for remuneration for the clinical costs, lost wages, and vehicle fix bills of its clients.

Goforth and Lucas Law Partnership

Goforth and Lucas Law Partnership is a common prosecution regulation practice that helps individuals all through the metro Antioch region with individual injury claims. The company’s lawyers give clients exact examinations and forceful portrayal of their own physical issue suits that include vehicular mishaps, premises obligation, hazardous items, and improper passing cases. The group is particularly delicate to the requirements of clients who have supported serious neurological and spinal wounds. Moreover, it handles laborers’ remuneration cases to assist with guaranteeing most extreme financial pay and clinical consideration for clients who have been harmed while at work.

Hobin and Hobin LLP

Hobin and Hobin LLP has north of 30 years of involvement helping those needing an individual physical issue lawyer in Antioch. It takes on cases including creature assaults and cerebrum wounds as well as vehicle, bike, business truck, and cruiser mishaps. Clients can likewise get assist with risky and flawed item cases and wounds to kids. The strong handles cases including protection cases, filings, and dishonesty. Extra areas of center incorporate uninsured driver mishaps and improper demise portrayal. Help with premises responsibility and slip-and-fall cases is accessible, as well. The firm likewise rehearses land and business regulation.

Ivancich and Costis, LLP

Ivancich and Costis LLP is situated in Antioch and has more than 25 years of involvement with individual injury regulation. It looks for pay for clients’ lost wages, clinical costs, and torment and languishing. The firm takes on cases including engine vehicle mishaps, including those brought about by diverted and plastered driving. It likewise addresses clients who have experienced a business related injury or sickness, furnishing help with laborers’ pay claims. The firm also assists shoppers who with having been harmed by blemished items to consider producers responsible. Overseeing accomplice Lisa E. Ivancich is an individual from the California State Bar.

Regulation Office of Steven H. Henderson and Jill Stern-Henderson

The Law Office of Steven H. Henderson and Jill Stern-Henderson is an individual physical issue lawyer close to Antioch. Established in 1981, the law office covers laborers’ remuneration cases like work mishaps and monotonous movement wounds. The accomplished individual injury legal advisors guide clients through premise risk cases, including slip-and-falls, canine nibbles, falling items, and insufficient security. They address clients in private injury cases concerning illegitimate demise, development mishaps, senior maltreatment, and head and cerebrum wounds. Dishonesty protection and uninsured driver prosecution administrations are additionally offered, as well as common, vehicle, transport, and bike mishaps.

Regulation Offices of Terri L. Brewer

The Law Offices of Terri L. Brewer offers customized advice and portrayal to clients in Antioch for individual injury claims. The firm helps with looking for due remuneration for people whose wellbeing and security have been undermined by episodes, for example, vehicular mishaps, passerby mishaps, premises risk, canine chomps, and unfair demise. A legal advisor for almost twenty years, organizer Terri Brewer likewise offers her legitimate administrations in family regulation related cases, as well as in landowner/occupant cases, including expulsion, dispossession, and business renting.

Venerate Law Group

Situated in Antioch, Revere Law Group assists individual injury casualties with getting most extreme remuneration. Margaret Tai understood her advantage in private injury regulation when she got injured after a vehicle hit her while going across a road. At the point when the insurance agency denied her cases, Tai’s legal advisor dropped her case. She chose to address herself in legitimate activity against the driver and ultimately won. Presently, she helps casualties impacted by mishaps including vehicles, bikes, trucks, and mass travels.

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