Best Divorce Lawyers in Bakersfield

Azemika and Azemika

Azemika and Azemika is a confidential legitimate firm in Bakersfield that solely handles family regulation and lawful partition cases nearby. The firm, which has been working for over 28 years, was established by Anthony and Nicholas Azemika, who are the two specialists in marriage and homegrown association disintegration. A portion of the company’s administrations incorporate property divisions, parent movements, separate from intercessions, kid appearances, and spousal help. The firm was perceived as the Best of Bakersfield in separation and family regulation in 2013.

Bobby Cloud Law

Bobby Cloud Law offers both intercession and cooperative regulation administrations to separate from clients in Bakersfield. The association’s attorney, Bobby L. Cloud, burned through five years in the Child Abuse Prevention Network of Kern County where he acquired his involvement with an assortment of family regulation issues, for example, separate from intervention, kid support, paternity, spousal help, kid care and appearance, and property settlements. The company’s different areas of training incorporate crime and lawful offense protection, aggressive behavior at home, and DUI.

Carbone Law

Carbone Law is a family law office that handles separate from cases in Bakersfield. Proprietor Robert Carbone and his cooperation in all aspects of separation, including property division, kid guardianship, and spousal help. The firm comprehends the physical and close to home cost that a separation has on families and attempts to ease difficulties during the interaction. Also, the firm has insight with military separation and working with clients abroad. Different areas of training incorporate guardianships and limiting requests.

David Faulkner Attorney at Law

David Faulkner Attorney at Law helps companions in the Bakersfield metro who are going through a separation. He addresses clients in both challenged and uncontested separations and assists them with managing youngster authority and backing, appearance, and support issues. David Faulkner, the company’s essential lawyer, is learned in all parts of California separate from regulations and deals with every one of his cases actually. He additionally guards the freedoms of clients who have been accused of DUI, quick in and out, and thievery charges.

Separated by Design

Separated by Design handles the separation instances of clients in Bakersfield and close by regions. It guides people in dissolving their marriage by assisting them with laying out systems and arrangements that suit their necessities and interests. The law office likewise handles military separation and spousal help matters. Its main lawyer, Garrett Rice, filled in as an examiner for more than 10 years. He utilizes his involvement in abusive behavior at home, youngster casualty, and crime cases to explore his clients’ family regulation issues.

Gregory P. Falk, Attorney at Law

Gregory P. Falk, Attorney at Law, is a firm that offers legitimate direction to the occupants of Bakersfield. Establishing lawyer Gregory P. Falk helps his clients through the lawful course of separation or the disintegration of a marriage. He additionally manages family regulation issues concerning youngster authority and backing, guardianship, change, and family regulation requests. Falk has been providing legal counsel beginning around 1977, and the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization has guaranteed him as a family regulation subject matter expert.

Regulation Office of Mellanie Marshall

The Law Office of Mellanie Marshall in Bakersfield gives separate from legitimate administrations. The one-lawyer strong handles separate from intercession; cooperative separation; kid guardianship, backing, and appearance matters; and early and postmarital arrangements. Moreover, it manages separate related property divisions and spousal help adjustments. Sole owner Mellanie Suzanne Marshall has over 10 years of lawful experience. She is an individual from the State Bar of California and the Santa Maria County Bar Association.

Regulation Office of Michael L. Seidman

The Law Office of Michael L. Seidman is a full-administration family law office that handles divorces in Bakersfield. Proprietor Michael L. Seidman and his group assess the family construction, resources, and monetary property of clients, to foster the best strategy for a fair separation repayment. The firm aides clients through each period of the separation cycle, from introductory pleadings to settlement gatherings. Different areas of training incorporate selections, grandparent freedoms, and aggressive behavior at home.

Melvin J. Thompson, Attorney

The Law Office of Melvin J. Thompson helps families and couples of Bakersfield in arranging divorce procedures. Past dealing with kid authority and appearance, the firm additionally covers guardianships, conservatorships, and appropriations, as well as controlling requests for abusive behavior at home casualties. Other practice regions incorporate probate, home preparation, individual injury, and land. It likewise gives home visits to the old or clients incapable to arrive at the workplace. Thompson has been recognized by a client for his portrayal in a two-year care fight.

Paige Etcheverry-Barnes Law Office

The Paige Etcheverry-Barnes Law Office is a family law office in Bakersfield with more than twenty years of involvement addressing clients in separate and legitimate partition procedures. The lawful group assists clients with prosecuted divorces or conjugal settlement arrangements and gives help kid care or appearance plans. Lawyers safeguard clients’ funds and resources during property division, decide separate property pay or resources, and assess funds to compute kid or spousal help.

Swanson O’Dell A.P.C.

Swanson O’Dell A.P.C. is a Bakersfield law office that offers legitimate answers for individual injury and family regulation matters in the metro. The firm was laid out in 2007 by Jeremy D. Swanson, a board-confirmed family regulation expert who has been in the legitimate business starting around 2002. Along with accomplice Seth N. O’Dell, the confident handles legitimate partition cases and offers administrations, for example, youngster backing and support estimations, separate from interventions, resource and risk divisions, lawful guardianships, as well as post-detachment arrangements.

The Gorski Firm

The Gorski Firm is a legitimate practice that administrations clients in the Bakersfield metro and close by regions. It addresses clients in separate from procedures, including related cases, for example, property division, spousal help, youngster support, kid care, and abusive behavior at home. What’s more, it likewise handles liquidation cases in regards to parts 7, 11, and 13. The company’s legal counselor, Vincent A. Gorski, Esq., has been providing legal counsel beginning around 2007. In 2009, he was additionally authorized in California. Gorski has military experience and has served the United States Air Force.

The Law Office of Edward J. Thomas

The Law Office of Edward J. Thomas has been offering legitimate types of assistance to clients in Bakersfield and close by regions for north of 30 years. It handles an extensive variety of family regulation cases, including divorce, youngster backing and care, aggressive behavior at home, and appearances. Moreover, it helps with the adjustment of orders, early arrangements, property division, and spousal help. Edward J. Thomas, one of the company’s legal counselors, is an individual from the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists.

The Law Office of Robert F. Carbone

The Law Office of Robert F. Carbone is a law office of family legal counselors in Bakersfield that handle separate from cases. The firm has more than 20 years of involvement taking care of each and every aspect of separation, including kid guardianship, resource division, and spousal help. Carbone and his cooperation with clients to arrive at a genial arrangement concerning property and youngsters. Nonetheless, when questions happen, the firm has broad experience upholding clients in court. Different areas of training incorporate receptions and guardianships.

The Law Offices of Jesus Zuniga

The Law Offices of Jesus Zuniga is a family law office that handles separate from cases in Bakersfield. With extra workplaces in Lancaster and Sun Valley, the firm arrangements with all areas of separation, including youngster guardianship, spousal help, and property division. At the point when youngsters are engaged with separate, the firm has broad experience deciding essential or joint guardianship, ascertaining kid support, and assessing appearance freedoms. Different areas of training incorporate liquidation, aggressive behavior at home, and criminal protection.

Xochitl M Garcia Law

Xochitl M Garcia Law is a family and property legal counselor serving clients in Bakersfield. Head Xochitl Garcia directs clients going through a separation, instructing them so they can pursue informed choices. The firm likes to determine debates through discussion and settlement yet has experience disputing when vital. It helps with separate related issues, for example, kid care and appearance, youngster backing, and property division. Garcia is a previous leader of the Family Law Section of the Kern County Bar Association.

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