Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers in Antioch

Regulation Office of John F. Prentice

The Law Office of John F. Prentice close to Antioch offers customized criminal protection portrayal and guidance for clients having to deal with a bunch of crime and misdeed penalties. Prentice takes on clients accused of state and government crimes and wrongdoings. His extent of training incorporates dealing with DUI cases, DMV managerial hearings, and different issues. Also, the training consistently assists clients with expungement movements to seal criminal records and different kinds of post-conviction help.

Regulation Office of Laura Robinson

The Law Office of Laura Robinson is a confidential work on overhauling the Antioch people group. With more than 30 years of involvement, criminal protection lawyer Laura Robinson has been addressing clients in various sorts of government and state criminal cases. Her training regions incorporate adolescent regulation, lawful offenses and wrongdoings, and expungement. Robinson likewise handles the managerial safeguard of expert licenses. Beside solid portrayal, Robinson is additionally dedicated to offering fair guidance to clients to accomplish the most ideal outcomes.

Regulation Office of Roberta Brooks – Martinez

The Law Office of Roberta Brooks in Martinez handles criminal protection regulation in the Antioch people group. For a very long time, it has been representing clients against criminal cases like attack, DUI, web wrongdoings, burglary, and middle class violations. Roberta joins her experience as a previous US Navy and Field Examiner with her insight in computerized criminology and digital regulation in building her clients’ cases. She additionally devotes her training to assisting families with enduring imprisonment through Friends Outside.

Regulation Offices of Rives and Rives

The Law Offices of Rives and Rives is a law office situated in California offering legitimate portrayal and administrations to people from the Antioch region. Ronald Rives and Paul Rives are criminal protection lawyers who have managed a wide scope of cases, from DUIs and drug-related offenses to serious lawful offenses and middle class violations. Endlessly rives center around meticulous examinations, successful exchanges, and equity informed guard in safeguarding their clients and guaranteeing that their necessities are dealt with.

The Law Offices of Johnson and Johnson

The Law Offices of Johnson and Johnson has been serving clients for over 25 years. This group of criminal legal counselors in Antioch handles a wide cluster of criminal matters, including adolescent charges. Overseeing lawyer Peter Johnson Esq. has won a few honors for his work, including a Juvenile Justice Award from Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall. He holds enrollments in a few expert associations, for example, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the California Bar Association Criminal Section.

Thomas Daly Law, A Professional Corporation

Thomas Daly Law, A Professional Corporation, is a criminal protection legitimate office based close to Antioch. Thomas Daly is an independent expert who has practical experience in criminal protection and DUI. He offers his administrations to a wide range of criminal matters, including drug wrongdoings, abusive behavior at home, lawful offenses, and burglary. Daly gives face to face interviews and treats each client as his fundamental need. His lawful assistance is upheld by his long periods of court insight in Contra Costa County.

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