Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Bakersfield

Borton Petrini, LLP

Borton Petrini LLP is a firm of clinical negligence attorneys in Bakersfield that was framed in the mid 1900s and has developed into an enormous diverse lawful association. Its medical services division’s clients incorporate clinics, clinical endeavors, favored supplier associations, doctors’ training the executives organizations, and wellbeing support associations. Extra areas of training incorporate common suit, family, protection, corporate, and business regulation, as well as liquidation, domain arranging, proficient responsibility, and natural regulation.

Faulkner Law

Faulkner Law offers legitimate portrayal to people and their families who were harmed because of the shortcoming or carelessness of others. The law office has a scope of training regions under the individual injury regulation which incorporates clinical negligence. Most of the mistakes in the clinical field are in analysis, medical procedure, therapy, obstetrics, drug, and checking. The principal office of the firm is situated in Bakersfield. The staff can banter in both English and Spanish dialects.

Klein DeNatale Goldner

Klein, DeNatale, Goldner is a law office of clinical misbehavior lawyers in Bakersfield. The training addresses clients and their friends and family following passing or injury coming about because of clinical carelessness or negligence. The strong handles cases including misdiagnosis, mistakes in prescription and medical procedure, working affected by medications, and inability to keep up with standard of care. Different areas of training incorporate work and business regulation, business and business suit, and bequest arranging.

Regulation Office of Curtis Floyd, A Professional Law Corporation

The Law Office of Curtis Floyd, A Professional Law Corporation is a clinical negligence law office in Bakersfield. Its lawyers center around cases including serious medical problems, wounds, and improper passing as the aftereffect of significant clinical errors and oversights. This incorporates misdiagnosis, inability to appropriately control medicine, careful mistakes, and untimely release. Poor development and superfluous tasks are tended to also. They additionally handle individual injury cases including premise responsibility cases and vehicle mishaps.

Regulation Offices of Craig A. Edmonston

The Law Offices of Craig A. Edmonston is an individual physical issue law office with north of 30 years of involvement with taking care of unjust demise claims because of clinical negligence. The association’s legitimate staff assesses each case to decide whether the clinical expert acted carelessly by neglecting to give the acknowledged norm of care. Head Craig A. Edmonston haggles for the benefit of clients to acquire fair remuneration for harms caused, disputing in court on the off chance that talks come up short. In his lawful vocation, he has won sizeable totals in settlements for his clients.

Regulation Offices of George A. Boyle

The Law Offices of George A. Boyle is a law office that gives proficient and viable legitimate guidance to occupants in Bakersfield. Lawyer George Boyle addresses people who have been harmed as a result of the carelessness of a specialist, medical caretaker, clinic, or other medical services supplier. The confident handles different clinical misbehavior cases including careful mistakes, getting inaccurate drug, or having some unacceptable sort of activity performed. Mr. Boyle’s different areas of training, incorporate criminal safeguard and family regulation.

Swanson O’Dell

Established in 2007, Swanson O’Dell is a law office of clinical carelessness legal counselors in Bakersfield. Originators Jeremy D. Swanson and Seth N. O’Dell address clients who have been harmed or lost friends and family because of clinical negligence. The firm takes cases that include clinic carelessness, misdiagnosis, and inability to keep up with the norm of care. Different areas of training incorporate individual injury, car crashes, family regulation, business regulation, and common regulation.

The Law Office Kyle W. Jones

The Law Office of Kyle W. Jones is a clinical negligence lawyer office in Bakersfield. Jones addresses clients and the families and overcomers of friends and family who have endured or perished because of clinical carelessness or negligence. He handles cases that include birth injury, careful blunders, misdiagnosis, and inability to treat or test side effects in a proper way. Different areas of training incorporate cases including car crashes, home preparation, and individual injury.

The Law Office of Timothy Lemucchi

The Law Office of Timothy Lemucchi is situated in Bakersfield. Mr. Lemucchi has specialized in legal matters beginning around 1965. His clients incorporate those with individual injury claims, including clinical negligence claims. Mr. Lemucchi has experience managing cases including mind wounds and vehicle, truck, and bike mishaps. His training likewise covers nursing home maltreatment, unfair demise, damaged items, and business related wounds. The Super Lawyer Magazine of Southern California recorded him as one of the area’s top lawyers in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

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