Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Bakersfield

Bakersfield DUI Attorneys

Bakersfield DUI Attorneys is a criminal guard firm addressing clients in Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. The firm is centered around safeguarding the freedoms of people who are having to deal with DUI penalties by looking for excusal of cases or decrease in charges. Its group of attorneys likewise teaches clients on DUI probation infringement, start interlock gadgets, and driver’s permit reclamation. Head lawyer Patrick Bowers is essential for a group that effectively negated the assumed dependability of blood tests.

Greater and Harman, APC

Established in 2015, Bigger and Harman APC is a Bakersfield traffic protection law office that handles traffic infractions and misdeed offenses. The firm safeguards those accused of traffic wrongdoings from losing their drivers’ licenses and paying expanded protection rates, while trying to diminish or dispense with fines. Greater and Harman offers legitimate direction for business drivers in cases that include speeding, log book infringement, overweight trucks, and path infringement. It likewise helps with California DMV managerial hearings.

Charge Slocumb Trial Lawyer

Charge Slocumb addresses people in the Bakersfield region who are accused of criminal cases. He protects people who have been blamed for driving while intoxicated — including first and second offenses — robbery, drug ownership, and dealing. With experience as an investigator, Slocumb has acquired associations that add to and benefit the safeguard. He attempts to decrease or possibly end the outcomes of a capture. The lawyer has taken care of in excess of 100 cases including capturing, murder, and burglary cases.

Bobby Cloud Law

Bobby Cloud Law is a legitimate firm in Kern County that addresses people accused of lawful offense and wrongdoing violations in Bakersfield and all through Kern County. The training handles charges including drug ownership, attack with a lethal weapon, great robbery, intrigue, kid misuse, youngster erotic entertainment, assault, and weapons offenses. He likewise takes middle class cases, like misappropriation, exasperated data fraud, and extortion. Bobby Cloud Law additionally gives family regulation and intervention administrations.

California DUI Attorneys

California DUI Attorneys is a firm that gives criminal guard portrayal to clients in Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. The firm chips away at cases like public inebriation and DUIs, working with respondents who have been blamed for working vehicles while tanked or high. Counsel Matthew J. Ruff has north of 25 years of safeguard insight. An individual from the National College for DUI Defense, he underlines ruining official police accounts and challenging the specialists’ blood science reports and procedural breaches.

Gereis Law

Gereis Law gives forceful portrayal to clients in the Bakersfield region who have been blamed for carrying out a wrongdoing. Its chief lawyer, Henry G. Gereis, uses inventive haggling and premium based and beneath the-line systems to get an ideal result for litigants confronting DUI, burglary, hijacking, tax evasion, misappropriation, and careless driving charges. He is an individual from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and has been highlighted on various news sources, including Influencive, Disrupt, and Yahoo! Finance.

Gereis Law

Gereis Law offers legitimate types of assistance in Bakersfield and the encompassing networks. It offers counsel and portrayal to people who have been blamed for perpetrating wrongdoings. A portion of the cases it handles are threatening behavior, abusive behavior at home, quick in and out, minor medication ownership, and tax evasion. It likewise deals with helping and abetting, illegal conflagration, expungements and fixing, terrific burglary, and hijacking claims. Henry G. Gereis, the lead lawyer, chipped in at the Santa Barbra Public Defenders Office from the get-go in his vocation.

H.A. Sala Attorney At Law

H. A. Sala Attorney at Law serves those accused of misdeeds and crimes in Bakersfield. The firm attempts to safeguard the privileges of clients accused of opiates dealing, murder, DUI, misappropriation, robbery, and extortion, notwithstanding attack, intrigue, battery, and aggressive behavior at home. It additionally upholds clients blamed for pack related exercises and who are impacted by California’s “three strikes” rule. Sala centers around pretrial movements covering Miranda infringement, lacking proof, blemished court orders, unlawful hunt and seizure, and government unfortunate behavior.

Hennessy Law Group

Hennessy Law Group is a criminal protection firm addressing clients in Bakersfield. It safeguards the protected freedoms of people accused of criminal offenses in both state and government courts. The confident handles criminal cases that include DUI, abducting, and sex wrongdoings. As an individual from the Kern County Indigent Defense Panel, establishing lawyer Timothy Hennessy safeguards the opportunity of the unfortunate blamed for carrying out wrongdoings. He gives lawful portrayal in view of the conviction that all residents are made equivalent and blessed with unavoidable privileges.

Regulation Office of David A. Torres

Regulation Office of David A. Torres is a criminal guard firm that has been helping clients in Bakersfield for more than twenty years. It addresses clients with state criminal accusations, for example, vehicular murder, DUI, willful homicide, weapon charges, drug ownership, and sex violations. Its legal counselors likewise give protection to felonies, including illegal tax avoidance, unlawful passage, contract misrepresentation, charge extortion, and tax avoidance. David is a granted veteran and an individual from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He takes care of English and Spanish-talking clients.

Regulation Office of Francis Henriquez and Associates

Opened in 2014, the Bakersfield Law Office of Francis Henriquez and Associates safeguards individuals requiring legitimate help with criminal and movement matters all through California. She offers need-based lawful assistance to assist with acquiring unique mark records, lessening sentences, ICE hold visits, and criminal requests. She handles criminal cases that incorporate DUI, drug offenses, and aggressive behavior at home. Francis Henriquez-Ferreira additionally helps with individual injury cases and movement, incorporating with naturalization, haven, removals, family petitions, conceded activities for adolescence appearance, and bond hearings.

Regulation Office of Michael S. Parent

The Law Office of Michael S. Parent upholds clients in criminal cases in Bakersfield. Rehearsing beginning around 2008, lawyer Michael S. Parent handles cases including opiates ownership, driving impaired, abusive behavior at home, guns infringement, and different wrongdoing criminal offenses. He attempts to safeguard his clients’ freedoms at basic points in their crook cases, and he looks for the most ideal results, including the aversion of fines, prison time, and loss of business.

Regulation Office of Monica L. Bermudez

The Law Office of Monica L. Bermudez upholds clients having to deal with criminal penalties in California. Situated in Bakersfield, practice regions range from DUI accusations to adolescent misconduct, with the firm addressing clients having to deal with both wrongdoing and lawful offense penalties. Government criminal safeguard is accessible for clients accused of tax evasion, drug scheme, and mail and wire misrepresentation. Bermudez recently worked with the Tulare Country public safeguard’s office and is a previous leader of the Kern County criminal protection segment.

Regulation Office of Sarah Rich

The Law Office of Sarah Rich, Esq., serves those accused of wrongdoing or potentially lawful offense violations in Bakersfield. Rich, a previous lawyer in the Tulare County Public Defenders office, concentrates on police reports, scientific proof and declarations to find shortcomings in state and government arraignment cases. She handles all areas of case from pretrial movements and jury choice to court introductions and shutting contentions. The Law Office of Sarah Rich likewise handles migration and removal cases.

Regulation Offices of James E. Noriega

The Law Offices of James E. Noriega has served clients in the Bakersfield and Kern County region beginning around 1973. It gives portrayal to those confronting DUI, irritated attack, aggressive behavior at home, burglary, and extortion charges, and furthermore handles cases including web wrongdoing, drugs/opiates, and sexual offenses. Noriega manages state and government charges, as well as criminal and common matters. Different areas of training incorporate mishap and individual injury cases. Noriega likewise offers prompt prison discharge help.

Michael C. Lukehart, Attorney At Law

Michael C. Lukehart, Attorney At Law, gives safeguard against criminal allegations to people all through Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. The firm serves clients needing safeguard in a few sorts of criminal cases, including cases that include charges of tax evasion, weapons infringement, manslaughter, and thievery. Head attorney Michael C. Lukehart is authorized to rehearse in California’s state courts, and he is all an individual from The State Bar of California.

Middlebrook and Associates

Established in 1993, Middlebrook and Associates is a Bakersfield DUI guard law office that handles DUI-related criminal cases all through California’s Central Valley. Establishing accomplice Richard O. Middlebrook uses his experience to shield his clients’ freedoms, notorieties, and prospects. The firm purposes different procedures to challenge DUI accusations in criminal court, including against field temperance, blood, and breath tests. Middlebrook and Associates helps with first time, various, underage, and crime DUIs.

The Law Office of David L. Faulkner

The Law Office of David Faulkner has addressed many people accused of wrongdoings in Bakersfield and Kern County. This criminal legal counselor close to Bakersfield by and by handles the cases beginning to end of individuals accused of DUI, quick in and out, driving with a suspended permit, burglary, thievery, burglary, aggressive behavior at home, youngster risk, drugs, public inebriation, extortion, opposing capture, and other misdeed violations. Faulkner works with clients to set up sensible installment intends to fit any financial plan.

The Law Office of Elliott B. Magnus

The Law Office of Elliott B. Magnus is a lawful firm that gives backing to criminal respondents all through Kern County. Its criminal legal counselor in Bakersfield handles cases including rough wrongdoings, like threatening behavior, aggressive behavior at home, manslaughter, and weapons charges. The training additionally helps clients accused of medication, liquor, burglary, and middle class wrongdoings, including illegal tax avoidance, imitation, tax avoidance, misappropriation, corporate surveillance, forging, and all types of extortion. Lawyer Elliott B. Magnus attempts to safeguard clients’ privileges, notoriety, and opportunity.

The Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey

The Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey addresses clients that are having to deal with criminal penalties. The association’s group of criminal attorneys in Bakersfield has upheld clients in cases beginning around 1993. Among different areas of training, the firm gives protection against charges of felonies, sex wrongdoings, gun infringement, and medication offenses. Lawyer Kyle J. Humphrey is an individual from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. The law office acknowledges calls 24 hours every day, including ends of the week.

The Law Offices of Mark Anthony Raimondo, PC

The Law Offices of Mark Anthony Raimondo PC addresses clients having to deal with both crime and misdeed criminal penalties. The confident handles cases including abusive behavior at home, drug charges, rough wrongdoings, and weapons charges, as well as lawful offense cases including murder and group charges. It has been positioned as one of the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers beginning around 2015, and clients praise the company’s committed and experienced lawyers. Free discussions are accessible for new clients.

Tony V. Lidgett

Tony V. Lidgett is a lawyer who takes care of clients in Bakersfield and the encompassing networks. His regulation office addresses individuals who are having to deal with criminal penalties, including murder, serious and vicious lawful offenses, and wrongdoings. It additionally gives lawful portrayal in rush hour gridlock matters, like DUI. Lidgett has been providing legal counsel for over 15 years and has won 92% of the cases he dealt with. He is a beneficiary of the West Law Scholar Award and holds a four year college education in Psychology.

Underwood Law Firm

Underwood Law Firm is a group of law enforcement lawyers in Bakersfield. The firm spotlights on cases including DUI and wrongdoing criminal traffic offenses, including crazy driving, unlawful path changes, speeding, and driving without a permit or with a suspended permit. It additionally addresses CDL holders who have been accused of wrongdoing traffic violations and infractions. Organizer John D. Underwood has north of 10 years of involvement contesting cases in Kern County and the Los Angeles court framework.

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