Here’s how an attorney can help in your Montgomery divorce

Going through a divorce can be truly exhausting and emotionally trying. More often than not, people are not sure of the laws, whether they should hire an attorney, and how they can get their lives on track after the divorce is done. If you want to file for divorce in Montgomery, consider meeting the attorneys of The Harris Firm, LLC, to get a quick review of the circumstances. Alabama allows for both fault and no-fault divorces, and if you and your spouse agree that ending the marriage is the right thing to do, it is time to move ahead with the legal process.

An uncontested divorce in Montgomery

If you and your spouse don’t have existing issues and are okay with settling things amicably outside of court, an uncontested divorce is the best way forward. You have to create an agreement that should address common issues such as child custody, visitation rights, child support, alimony, and distribution of assets and debts. When there is no agreement on these matters, you will have a contested divorce, which can take longer and be quite complex. Mediation is still an option, but a contested divorce can end up in court.

The role of your divorce lawyer

First, the attorney will hear your side of the story and educate you on your rights. They will also explain how divorce proceedings usually happen in Montgomery. For an uncontested divorce, attorneys don’t have much to do but can still handle the paperwork. Your lawyer is in charge of ensuring that you don’t sign anything that you don’t understand. If you and your spouse have minor issues, both lawyers can work together to reach a resolution. They will also represent you during mediation and court proceedings, depending on the circumstances.

How much do attorneys charge for a divorce in Montgomery?

The answer depends on the type of divorce you are having. If this is an uncontested divorce, you may have to pay a flat fee, unlike the usual hourly rate. For contested divorces, matters may drag on much longer, and there is a retainer fee involved, along with a fixed charge for each hour of work.

There is no denying that you can rely on your attorney to advocate for your rights, and if you don’t have clarity on the legalese, it makes no sense to stake your life. A divorce has no winners or losers, but don’t let the circumstances overwhelm you.

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