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Are you looking to grow your business? Well then you need new business clients.

How do you get new business clients? Well there are a number of methods and probably one of the most crucial one’s is to bring in receptive & exclusive leads into the team. However that is easier said than actually done in reality. Lead generation process requires expert knowledge on multiple platforms and multiple channels. So unless you want to go through the hassle of recruiting, training or learning these yourself. One of the best bets is to use a third party lead generator. However this comes with its challenges. From rouge providers, leads being sold multiple times and a whole host of other challenges.

Finding solid lead generator partners is not easy to come by. Then when you find a company that delivers quality leads, this does not mean you’re in the touchdown area, even with quality lead generation you still need the team working the leads to manage the process from there with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Lead generation should be looked at from a bigger picture perspective, too many companies focus their energy on the not so promising leads. Say you brought 300 qualified leads and 90 of them either didn’t answer or were not interested after the first call, this sounds like the lead generator didn’t do a good job, when in reality there might be 90 hot leads and by focusing on them and converting them to clients. This is where you will find the cost per acquisition (CPA). How much a client has to invest to gain a new customer.

The best way to start off is at a comfortable level to test a new lead generator, make sure the company is advertising on your behalf rather than using their own brand. The reason for this is because if you are getting leads from a brand owned by the lead generator you are paying for another brand to gain exposure in the long run. Lastly, go into the relationship with a bigger picture mind set and review the process after the test has been completed, this could be 50–100 leads.

In marketing or lead generation a company will be looking to spend X & get Y back. Which is a good idea however again looking at the bigger picture. Could these new clients provide recommendations, referral, can you provide them additional products or multiples of the same product? Now the equation could look like spend X get back Y and then Z for additional revenue streams.

Lastly, not all lead generation companies are the same. If you have had a bad experience with one don’t presume they are all the same. That’s like having a bad meal at a restaurant and then saying you are not going to eat out any more. When starting a new relationship try not to mention the past bad experiences and more importantly don’t ask a new provider to compensate because of another lead generation company. They didn’t receive any of the money so it has nothing to do with a new company.

There are good and poor companies in every industry, run tests, think bigger picture and reward successful companies when they help you grow. The industry has changed and the majority of the money now ends up with the major platforms. Therefore lead generators don’t make anywhere near the profits some companies seem to think they do. We wish you the best of luck in your business regardless of the stage of the journey the company is on.

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