Kuari Pass Trek: Must Visit Destination


Kuari Pass trek is known to be beginner’s friendly trek but you will also find the seasoned trekkers as well just to have a taste of the treats this trek offers. Nestled in the Nanda Devi National Park of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand.

Trek Distance: 22 km

Trek Altitude: 12,516 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Trail Information

Day 01: Rishikesh to Tapoban

If you are doing the Kuari Pass trek on your own then you can take a bus from Joshimath and then hire a shared cab to get down at Tapoban, the base camp of the trek. Otherwise, ask your tour operator to arrange a transport to get directly to Tapoban which is in total an 8-hour drive.

Day 02: Tapoban to Karchi

Karchi is the starting point of the trek which is approximately 3 km away from Tapoban. You need to cover this distance on foot which will take around 3 to 4 hours.

Day 03: Akhrot Ghetta to Khullara

Your first stop would be at Khullara which is at an altitude of 11,014 ft and takes about 4 hours of hiking through the forests. It is at a distance of 2.5 km from Akhrotghetta.

Day 04: Khullara to Tali

On your fourth day you will reach the top at an elevation of 12,516 ft and cross the Kuari Pass and then begin your descent to an altitude of 10,889 ft to Tali. The total distance covered by the trekker would be around 7 km and can be done in 8 hours.

Day 05: Tali to Auli

On your fifth day you will cover the longer distance but trekking hours would be shorter as it would be a descent day from altitude of 10,889 ft to 9,390 ft. Trekkers will cover 8 km in 6 hours.

Day 06: Auli to Rishikesh

This would be the departure day from the trek and go back to Rishikesh from where you can catch a bus to Delhi or get a flight from Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun.

Highlights of the Trek

View of Mt. Nanda Devi and other notable peaks

One of the biggest plus points of Kuari pass trek is its easy access to the close up view of the infamous Mt. Nanda Devi. As mentioned, there are just a couple of treks from where you can spot Nanda Devi that too from a distance. Kuari pass trek lets you accompany Nanda Devi peak from Auli right to the beautiful meadows of Gorson Bugyal. Like Nanda Devi there are several other peaks that appear on the trail of Kuari pass, to name a few of them Dronagiri, Chaukhamba and Hathi Ghoda make the cut.  

Picturesque Trail and forests

The trail is lined with some of the finest oak forest draped under the weight of snow in winters. The picture almost looks magical with a colourful forest covered in white snow. Unlike other treks of Roopkund or Brahmatal, Kuari pass oak forest section is almost a flat walk among the trees so that you can appreciate the view without feeling breathless climbing the steep section of forests.

Beautiful Meadows and ridges

Once you are out of the woods you will be surprised by the vast stretch of Gorson Bugyal meadow laid in front of Nanda Devi Mountain. As you walk ahead you will come across the ridge of Chitrakantha at an elevation of 12000 ft giving you a spectacular view. 

When to visit

Kuari Pass trek remains operational for about 10 months around the year, monsoon being the only season when trekking through Kuari Pass is closed due to weather hazards and slippery trails. The winter months bring you fresh snowfall and snow-covered forest walks. The snow trail leading through the white caped mountain pass looks delightful. Summer gives you a beautiful view of Gorson Bugyal. The forests are bright green without any snow and you get to experience hot mornings and cold evenings. Spring gives you a mix of summer and winter virtues with colourful forest and residual snow. The trail is a pleasant stroll among nature. Autumn months are famous for crisp views and golden meadows. The trail is beautiful with colourful forest but there is no snow.

Cost of the Trek

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of the entire trip to Kuari Pass Trek. The main things that affect the cost are the place of accommodation, type of trekking gears, tour operator and the mode of transport.

So, the average cost per person for Kuari pass trek can be anywhere between 7,000 to 9,000. Although, some operators might charge up to 11,000 because of the inclusive charges like accommodation, airfare etc.

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