How to fight against worry and sadness

As you know, happiness, sadness, and worries are parts of life. They go parallel throughout human life. In your life, there may come some moments that make you degraded and lead you towards disappointment, but you have to stay firm and not lose hope and trust in Allah. 

However, these moment of sorrow and sadness is a blessing from Allah SWT. Because sad moments build a connection with our Lord, as we thank Allah in joys, we should also pray Allah in sadness and worries and maintain our patience, as He loves those who are patients.   

Hard circumstances test men from Allah to stern the faith and earn more virtues. However, if devil forces distract you from Allah, you should fight them back. There are some ways to let you know how to fight against worry and sadness.

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Trust in Allah 

Trust in Allah is the most powerful weapon of humans to fight against worry and sadness. In a sad moment, Satan tried his best to tempt the virtuous men of Allah SWT by making them disappointed and diverting their minds from Allah. But as a pious Muslim, you should fight back strongly by keeping a strong belief in Allah. Trust in Allah also helps you convert your sad moments into happier moments. 

Allah SWT brings sadness and worry to humanity but gives them the power of resistance against devils and patience to endeavor the hardships. So, in all these hard situations He brings on His men, he wants them to trust in Him perfectly and not lose hope.

About patience, Allah says in Quran: Indeed, I have rewarded them this Day for their patient endurance – that they are the attainers [of success].” [23:11]

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Allah’s beautiful names

Hazrat Mohammad SAW teachings is a guideline for us in each aspect of life. So, in grief, and sorrowful moments, we should recite the beautiful names of Allah. We are humans, and being human, we cannot be perfect. There may come some point which might unbearable for us. Even the Prophets AS suffered from many hardships, but they remained focused, and Allah helped them out of sufferings as they called Allah in each of their painful moments. 

Remembering Prophets’ patience 

If we fall in any suffering, we should remember the Prophets’ patience. First of all, we should remember the pains and sufferings of Prophet Muhammad SAW and how he (SAW) endeavored all the sorrows and turned to Allah. The non-believers did everything to lessen his trust in Allah, but he remained strong. His patience was beyond limits; he never complained of his suffering to Allah SWT.

Similarly, Prophet Jacob, on the separation of his beloved son, Prophet Yusuf (AS), felt extreme pain but never did anything that could become a reason for Allah’s displeasure. He always prayed to Allah and remained patient. So, we should learn from the patience of Prophet Jacob and be thankful to Allah SWT. 

Furthermore, the most painful circumstance that a Prophet ever faced was of Prophet Job (AS). He had suffered from a severe disease that everyone left him, even his beloved wife. In that time, the Devil often attacked him to distract him from Allah, but he never agreed to satan’s proposal and remained loyal to Allah SWT. Then, Allah taught him some supplications and restored his health and wealth.

So, the Prophets’ stories are lessons for us to learn from.  


Alive persons have to face sufferings and pains, as they are from Allah, and we should accept that. However, Allah also brightens us in darkness and teaches us how to fight back the worry and sadness. Furthermore, you should learn more about Quran and Hadith. offers the best online courses of Quran and Hadith and the special course for new converts of Islam.

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