Best Financial Advisors in Bakersfield

SmartAdvisor by SmartAsset

SmartAsset’s free, five-minute device makes it simple to track down qualified monetary consultants in your space. The restrictive instrument utilizes a speedy overview to assist SmartAsset’s selective calculation with coordinating you with up to three guides in light of your particular monetary requirements. Every counsel is a trustee, lawfully bound to work to your greatest advantage, and thoroughly screened by SmartAsset. You can talk with each for nothing, once in a while inside merely minutes, and pick whom you need to work with. Countless savvy financial backers and retired folks have proactively utilized SmartAsset’s straightforward, no-cost administration to track down the right monetary counselors for them.

Barnes Wealth Management Group

Established by Steven Barnes in 1986, Barnes Wealth Management Group takes care of people and organizations in Bakersfield. It offers monetary arranging administrations through centered arranging, including customized income based arranging, risk the executives, and federal retirement aide investigation. It looks at the client’s family record number, which shows the singular pace of return expected to seek after the put forth monetary objectives. Besides, it recognizes the gamble factors and makes a security intend to balance them. Barnes Wealth Management Group contains various experts, going from venture tacticians to burden organizers.

Bowles Financial and Insurance Group, Inc.

Bowles Financial and Insurance Group, Inc., is a store firm in Bakersfield. It offers clients a complete guide that coordinates different monetary parts into a concentrated arrangement. Its administrations incorporate abundance the executives, home preparation, retirement and monetary preparation, and life stage administrations. The organization likewise gives help with speculation and protection items, for example, securities, common assets, life coverage, depository bills, and handicap pay protection. Chief Mike Bowles began his profession in Wall Street.

California Retirement Plans

California Retirement Plans is a monetary warning firm assisting people in Bakersfield with accomplishing their monetary targets. Monetary counsels at this organization draft abundance aggregation, resource security, annuities, and retirement pay procedures. The firm conveys retirement and protection answers for state and government representatives through the “Retirement Roadmap.” This guide guides pre-retired folks and retired people through their arrangement for assistance, permitting them to go with the most potential informed choices. Andy Barkate, the organization’s leader, filled in as a live monetary expert in radio and TV programs.

Charpentier Wealth Strategies

Charpentier Wealth Strategies has been offering monetary arranging administrations to people, families, and entrepreneurs in Bakersfield beginning around 1989. It centers around various areas of arranging, including however not restricted to school financing procedures, abundance insurance and speculation arranging, charge systems, and retirement and bequest arranging. The firm distinguishes the client’s ongoing protection and insurance objectives to decide whether there is a requirement for extra requirement for substitution of pay or resource, home safeguarding or legitimate continuation of the client’s business, and duty productivity.

Brilliant Valley Team

Situated in Bakersfield, the Golden Valley Team is a piece of the not-for-benefit monetary administrations association called Thrivent. It works with clients to think up a customized monetary system and gives progressing monetary direction to assist them with arriving at their objectives. It likewise helps clients with retirement bank accounts, common assets, annuities, conventional and Roth IRAs, and speculations. Terry Cornelius, an abundance guide at the firm, has the Chartered Financial Consultant and the Fraternal Insurance Counselor assignments.

Howard Financial

Howard Financial is a free enlisted venture counsel (RIA) firm serving people and business clients in Bakersfield and the close by regions. It gives monetary counsel in a few regions, including resource expansion, pay arranging, and heritage arranging. It likewise directs clients concerning speculations, retirement procedures, and hazard the executives to help boost and safeguard their riches. Spear Howard established the firm in 1995. His skill drove him to have the “Resource Protection Hour” on KERN-Talk for quite a long time.

Mestmaker and Petrey Wealth Advisors Inc.

Mestmaker and Petrey Wealth Advisors Inc. has been doing business beginning around 2009. This privately claimed organization offers complete types of assistance including portfolio the executives, school arranging, corporate retirement installment plans, cash the board, and other abundance the board arrangements. They serve a different client base that incorporates organizations, people, establishments, and noble cause. The originators have worked for enormous organizations, for example, Morgan Stanley, preceding striking out to shape their own organization giving clients a more customized administration. Colleagues put an accentuation on rewarding their local area, as well as a pledge to putting their clients first.


Moneywise Wealth Management is a group of monetary counsels focused on aiding the Bakersfield people group by giving monetary exhortation in regards to monetary preparation, objective subsidizing, resource distribution, 401(k), retirement, and speculation warnings. They have experience working with a great many clients, from development organizations to occasion organizers, in creating composed strategies to decide speculation objectives and hazard profiles. The group likewise has a public broadcast named The Moneywise Guys. It likewise creates everyday digital broadcasts and shows up on neighborhood news media.

Rozell Wealth Management

Rozell Wealth Management assists the occupants of Bakersfield with making exhaustive monetary arrangements. Its monetary arranging administrations cover protection audit, pay and retirement plans, and assessment productivity amplification. Clients get help with the venture the executives cycle, remembering methodology advancement and execution and direction for exploring their momentary abundance arranging choices. Pioneer Rylan Rozell is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who laid out the organization in 2009. He moreover possesses and works property the executives and land financier firms.

Trovato Wealth Management

Trovato Wealth Management is a Bakersfield-based free abundance the executives and monetary arranging organization. It is possessed and worked by Joe Trovato, who has been serving clients around the metro for over 20 years. It helps organizations, families, and people disperse and protect their riches. It likewise helps with creating monetary designs to seek after clients’ retirement, school, domain, and speculation objectives. Trovato Wealth Management is likewise accessible for long haul care, investment opportunity arranging, and hazard the executives arrangements.

Abundance Target Investment Advisors LLC

Abundance Target Investment Advisors LLC is a monetary encouraging firm that offers its administrations to occupants of Bakersfield and the adjoining networks. It gives a wide scope of administrations, including venture the executives, retirement pay arranging, business progression arranging, and protection. Proprietor Larry Menna has both a CFP and an AIF assignment. He has been in the money business for over 26 years. He gives monetary direction to clients who are putting something aside for future possibilities like school and retirement.

Zuk Financial Group

The Zuk Financial Group offers warning administrations to occupants of Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. The firm works with instructors, pre-retired folks and retired folks, organizations, and non-benefits to accomplish their monetary objectives. Clients are profiled by their gamble hungers prior to creating methodologies that fit with their necessities. Daniel Raymond, the organization’s overseeing head, has been in the business for over 20 years. He has worked in different associations where he handles more than $2-billion in resources.

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