Best Catering Companies in Bakersfield

Large Mike’s Ragin’ BBQ

Large Mike’s Ragin’ BBQ has been serving tasty BBQ in Bakersfield and the encompassing region beginning around 2005. The organization has fabricated a strong standing with regards to giving superb food and client support, offering a wide assortment of Southern top choices, from steaks and barbecued chicken to hamburger brisket and BBQ pork ribs. Huge Mike’s likewise takes care of both of all shapes and sizes parties, represent considerable authority in weddings, graduations, club gatherings, organization picnics, and other extraordinary occasions.

Charge Lee’s Bamboo Chopsticks

With regards to credible Chinese food, clients say Bill Lee’s Bamboo Chopsticks is the spot to go. Charge Lee’s offers feast in, home conveyance, and take-out administrations, as well as meals and providing food. The cooking menu incorporates tidbits and courses and highlights noodle and rice dishes, which are all made with new and bona fide fixings. Charge Lee’s Bamboo Chopsticks gives altered catering menus to fit the event and spending plan.

Carniceria La Carreta

Carniceria La Carreta has been pleasing clients in Bakersfield, California with flavorful meats and a pledge to extraordinary client care for north of 17 years. The nearby, family-claimed market and supermarket offers excellent meats, including prepared chicken, Mexican-enlivened carne asada, conventional menudo, and that’s just the beginning. Carniceria La Carreta additionally offers exceptional occasion catering and mass requesting.

Ceasar’s Italian Delicatessen

Ceasar’s Italian Delicatessen is a privately claimed, privately-owned company that has been serving delightful yet sensibly evaluated sandwiches in Bakersfield, California beginning around 1971. They serve a wide determination of meats and cheeses, as well as give broad cooking menus to corporate social occasions, weddings, and other unique occasions. Ceasar’s Italian Delicatessen is a predictable number one in Kern County Readers’ Poll for Best Deli.

Fresco Mexican Grill

Fresco Mexican Grill endeavors to give the greatest Mexican food in midtown Bakersfield. The café offers a menu flaunting new and valid dishes, for example, chilaquiles, burritos, fish tacos, and other exemplary Mexican top picks. The café additionally caters office capabilities, birthday celebrations, and other exceptional occasions. Fresco Mexican Grill has a guarantee to conveying phenomenal client support and new nourishment for clients to appreciate.

Hungry Hunter Steakhouse

Hungry Hunter Steakhouse invests wholeheartedly in serving what clients call the best prime rib in Bakersfield, California. The menu comprises of early feasting, lunch, and supper, as well as a noteworthy wine list. The steakhouse offers all that from top sirloin steak and child back ribs to bruschetta and chicken wings. Bona fide Santa Maria style catering administrations are likewise advertised. Hungry Hunter Steakhouse can likewise tweak menus to fit the event.

Jake’s Tex-Mex Cafe

Jake’s Tex-Mex Café has been serving quality food in Bakersfield, California starting around 1986. This easygoing eatery offers new plates of mixed greens and filling sandwiches as well as catering administrations. The providing food menu principally comprises of enormous plates, taco servings of mixed greens, pastries, and refreshments. Jake’s Tex-Mex Café makes progress toward an uncommon eating experience with a laidback mood.

Plateau Mexican Grill

Plateau Mexican Grill offers new and hand tailored food in a comfortable climate. This eatery in Bakersfield, California likewise takes special care of individual and business occasions, offering mouth-watering tacos, burritos, nachos, and chips and salsa. Also, Mesa Mexican Grill permits clients to pick their own garnishes, protein additional items, fillings, and sauces.

NV Catering

NV Catering’s Chef Nate has been in the culinary business for over 18 years. This full help cooking organization can take on any occasion, from food buffets and outside BBQs to weddings and exquisite meals. The family-claimed organization likewise offers custom menus for business, occasions, weddings, and other exceptional occasions. The proprietors, Chef Nate and Jessica Vasquez, are completely dedicated to offering an involved support in each occasion.

PorkChop and Bubba’s BBQ

PorkChop and Bubba’s BBQ has been giving customized providing food administrations in Bakersfield beginning around 2012. They serve grant winning BBQ and customary Southern dishes at cutthroat costs. Moreover, they offer self-serve, smorgasbord, and dinner administrations for office gatherings, weddings, and other extraordinary occasions. PorkChop and Bubba’s BBQ endeavors to convey altered catering administrations to fit the need of each and every client.

Pungent’s BBQ and Catering

Pungent’s BBQ and Catering is a family claimed café in Bakersfield, California that has been conveying extraordinary food and client care beginning around 2010. This full-administration catering business brings their delectable oak-barbecued tri-tip and chicken delights to weddings, BBQ parties, and other unique occasions. Pungent’s BBQ and Catering was highlighted in Chevron’s “Practitioners” video.

Sequoia Sandwich Company

Sequoia Sandwich Company has been serving heavenly shop sandwiches in Bakersfield, California starting around 1999. The organization takes a stab at quality with regards to hand-making each sandwich, utilizing simply the best and freshest fixings and sticking to severe sanitation norms. Sequoia likewise gives conveyance and cooking administrations, offering sandwich platters, boxed snacks, side servings of mixed greens and chips, meat and cheddar platters, and treats and bread kitchen things.

Willow Ranch Restaurant

Clients of Willow Ranch Restaurant think of it as a must-attempt objective in Bakersfield to encounter delectable BBQ. This family-accommodating eatery serves Angus hamburger, fish, fish and other BBQ-style top picks, and furthermore cooks occasions such weddings, family get-togethers, gatherings, and company picnics. Clients go wild about Willow Ranch Restaurant’s delicate and delicious BBQ, effective assistance, and fantastic food planning.

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