5 Reasons Why You Need Executive Coaching

A few years back, I was the general manager of an organization, and I was doing pretty great. Thanks to my ideas and developments, we were constantly ranking over our competitors and performing excellently as a business.

However, this euphoria of success lasted for a year or so.

Then, all of a sudden, I realized that I was out of ideas. I’ve harvested as many low-hanging fruits as I could over the year. Now, I felt like I didn’t have a higher ceiling to get what I was looking for – the idea to flatten a top competitor.

That’s when a friend of mine gave me the idea of going for executive coaching dubai, and I followed his suggestion right away. And I didn’t regret it. Here’s how it helped me get over my mental block and become a better leader than I was before. 

Benefits Of Executive Coaching

The executive coaching program I went through improved me a lot – both from a professional and personal viewpoint. Here’s what happened.

Improvement – 1: Focus And Clarity

When working on a project, sometimes, we tend to get a little too involved that we become unable to see through the wood. The same happened to me during that time.

I was trying to do so much at a time; it affected my focus and clarity regarding the project. This made it impossible for me to come up with a new idea or tackle the situation differently.

However, through executive coaching, I learned how to focus on a single thing at a time and take care of it properly. It, sequentially, improved my effectiveness and the ability to come up with something new on the spot and execute it efficiently.

Improvement – 2: Confidence

I was at a point in my life where I was blaming almost anything and everything on myself. This affected my level of self-confidence massively and made me nearly ineffective.

However, during the beginning of every training session, my coach tried to increase my self confidence by helping me picture success.

They also made me understand how I can see something from a different point of view and eliminate doubts quickly. It helped replenish my confidence and paved the route to success in my field of work to some extent.

Improvement – 3: Ideas

As mentioned before, my executive coaching session helped me think about a project more intensely than I used to do before.

This helped me come up with a brand new idea every-now-and-then. I was reaching for the high-hanging branches I couldn’t find before at last.

Finally, as I was thinking about everything closely, I could find more than one way to execute my ideas successfully. Hence, if one failed, I always knew where to look!

Improvement – 4: Structure And Progress

For a long period of time, I didn’t maintain a structure while working. It, in turn, affected my overall productivity, as I was always looking for something I missed out on.

However, with executive coaching, I learned about making a structure in my work. I noted down everything I did during the day and made an excel sheet about my weekly assignment.

Hence, it was much easier for me to track everything in the best way possible. Also, I was not missing out on anything anymore, thanks to the habit of noting down.

Improvement – 5: Communication

Finally, thanks to the coaching, I also improved the way I talked with my team. Formerly, I was pretty straightforward with my assessment of someone. And many people have also said that they’ve been “scolded” by me due to doing something wrong.

However, I have changed my way now. At this point, I offer constructive criticism more than anything. This way, I can help them improve their way of working or operating while keeping them motivated all the time. It boosted our productivity by a mile.

Final Thoughts

If I’m being honest, undergoing an executive coaching program helped and improved me quite a lot. Hence, if it were on me, I would definitely ask you to go for it. However, before you hire a coach, make sure to check their services as carefully as possible. See if it can help you achieve all of your goals or not. Hopefully, it’ll help you choose the best option out there.

By Cary Grant

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