10 Fun Office Party Ideas for Summer

Summer is vacation season, which means that most people will either be mentally planning their vacation or wishing that they were still out of the office. Throwing a party — or a lot of parties — is a great idea to keep everyone engaged at work and break up the hot summer days. Here are 10 ideas for office parties to throw this summer:

  1. Cookout Party

Grilling out is a classic summer activity and a perfect option for a casual office get-together during the summer. Many people have grills at home, so you can host it at someone’s house, or you can choose a park with a grill if you have too many employees to fit into a standard house in case of rain. Just make sure to check with the park regulations in advance, because some of them require reservations to use party pavilions during the summer busy season. You don’t want to show up and then not have a spot to grill out.

  1. Outdoor Movie Theater

Summer is the perfect time to watch a movie outdoors once the sun goes down. Many towns host their own outdoor movie nights during the summer, and some even have drive-in theaters, so you can coordinate an office outing to a pre-scheduled event. However, you can also host your own movie night by getting a colleague with a large backyard to hang up a screen and a projector to create your own outdoor theater — just make sure not to play the movie too loudly so the noise doesn’t disturb the neighbors.

  1. Mini Golf

Golf is one of the most leisurely of all the sports, greatly lowering the chances that you will break a sweat while swinging a club. Even more laidback than golf is mini golf, the cooler, funnier younger cousin — which is why many people who don’t like regular golf enjoy mini golf nonetheless. Consider renting out a mini golf course for the whole company to use and opening a tab at the bar to keep the drinks and food flowing.

  1. Office Field Day

If your office would prefer something more athletic than mini golf, consider recreating the field day episode from The Office instead. Of course, you can choose from classic field day games, but you can also put your own twist on it by devising games that are directly related to your company or a party theme. Give away outdoor swag, such as bulk sunscreen, as prizes to each team or individual who wins each challenge.

  1. Outdoor Cocktail Party

When the summer weather beckons outside, take your drinking to the patio or, better yet, the roof! Outdoor cocktail parties provide the perfect excuse to cool off with an adult beverage while hanging out with coworkers. You can easily host this at someone’s house as long as they have a big enough backyard or patio. However, if you’ve got the budget, it can be really fun to rent out a rooftop bar in your town and host your office happy hour there instead.

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  1. Amusement or Water Park Day

If your office is full of children-at-heart, then they are sure to enjoy visiting your local amusement park or water park. This is also a great family-friendly option if a lot of employees have kids and you want the party to be fun for the whole family. Most people will naturally disperse across the park to go to their favorite rides, so make sure that you have schedule times — such as meals — when everyone can come together at the pavilion to mingle.

  1. Beach Party

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, then you should absolutely take advantage of it by hosting an office party at the beach. In fact, some of these other ideas can totally be transferred to the beach, including the cookout party idea and the cocktail party idea. If you don’t leave near the beach, you can still recreate the feeling by putting up beach-themed decor and asking guests to wear their best vacation outfits.

  1. Garden Party

Put a spin on the classic garden party by hosting your office party in one for a truly classy and unforgettable event. Even if none of your colleagues have a garden large enough to host such a party, chances are that your local botanical garden is available to be booked for special events. Reach out to their events staff to see what their availability and rates are, and you might be surprised to discover how popular garden parties still are in this day and age!

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  1. Scavenger Hunt

Much like escape rooms, you can book premade scavenger hunts hosted by entertainment companies in your city. However, if you want things to be unique, then you can design your own scavenger hunt and hide clues around a local park or downtown plaza. You can mix up the teams for the scavenger hunt or pit different departments against each other for some friendly competition.

  1. Random Summer Holiday

There are multiple random holidays for every single date on the calendar, so pick one and theme a party around it! For instance, National Chocolate Chip Day is May 15th, providing a perfectly sweet excuse for an office party. There are literally hundreds of holidays to choose from during the summer, so pick one that will resonate with your office and appeal to their interests, and then plan a party around it. Don’t forget to order some themed promotional products to hand out on the holiday!

As with any outdoor event at any time of year, you should make sure that you have a backup plan for each of these party ideas in case it rains or the weather is too hot to be outside. Moving things indoors during subpar weather will ensure that everyone still has a good time and can enjoy the event!

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