WordPress vs. Blogger – Which One To Consider For Starting Your Blog

Word press or bloggers are free platforms where you can upload or share your blogs. Still, if you are new in this field and don’t know where to start and which platform to use for blogging, this article would help you; we will compare WordPress and blogger to help you choose best for blog writing purposes. WordPress and bloggers are both used for writing blogs, but both work differently and have different kinds of advantages and disadvantages. We will compare both of these mediums of blog writings to decide which one is a better option.   

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What to keep in mind while selecting a platform for blogging?  

While writing a blog online, many factors are considered to make blogging smooth and easy. The platform we are using for blog writing must be easy to use so that it can easily be managed by those who are new. It should not have many complexities. If blogging is something you are doing for earning income, then the platform where you are writing must have the resources which can be used for growing the blog, and last but not least, you should have the option of different features which make your blog more appealing and exciting.


WordPress and Bloggers are both widely used for blog writing purposes. Word press is free software, but you have to buy a domain name and hosting plan to create a blog on WordPress. Word Press is on top for blog writing. If we talk about bloggers, just like Word Press, it is also free to use. It is fundamental and easy to use also. You don’t have to pay anything at all for using blogger. You also get a free blog post subdomain on Bloggers. We now have a little bit of knowledge of how these sites work; it will be easy to understand the difference between them and decide which one is a better option for blogging. So, let’s compare both platforms to get a better understanding.  Get the idea from Pakistan top technology blog.


Word Press has a wide variety of templates for blogging. There is a considerable number of free templates which can be used for different kinds of blogs, and it has many options for users to select the design and theme of the blog, which is a plus point for the users. In Word Press, you have access to 7,400 free themes. There is an option to select themes that are designed specifically for blogs.  

On the other hand, Blogger does not have many options of designs for its users. The designs and templates in bloggers are minimal and basic, used mainly by different users for different blogs. You have color and layout options, but you can’t create anything unique. So, the lack of designs is a drawback for Bloggers. 


WordPress is easy to use. You don’t need to be a pro in using WordPress. It is easy to operate & manage, and the built-in tools of WordPress are simple to use without any difficulties, so it is preferred more for blogging. Adding layouts, images, and different texts is much easier on WordPress  

Bloggers are also essential and straightforward and don’t require many operating skills. With a google account, you can use it for blogging. You can use various images and texts for your blogs, but it gets a bit difficult and requires HTML skills for theme changes. Even though it is simple to use, the options for selecting themes for blogs are much easier on Word Press.  


Word Press allows you to have ownership of your blogs with the help of a WordPress hosting provider. In WordPress, you have control over your data, and you have the right to choose a third party. You can decide for how long you want to run your blog, and no one can deactivate your account without any warning, which is a winning point for Word Press.  

Blogger is a platform provided by Google; you don’t have many rights there. As Google runs this platform, it has a right to shut down your account, and you can lose all your data. Like other social media platforms, the owner can deactivate your account, and all your data can vanish.  


Briefly, it can be said that Word Press is a much better option than Bloggers as it has many user-friendly options. It is used globally for blog writing, so if you want to do blogging professionally and want to earn income through then hands down, Word Press is the best choice.  

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