10 Responsive WordPress Blogging Themes of 2021

Blogging is now becoming a full-time career for most people. But to run a blog, you need a content writer and a developer to manage and handle a website.

If you intend to launch a blog, definitely it’s apparent that you want the most gratifying personal branding, that’s very much required in today’s online life. 

So, I have grabbed the 10 best WordPress themes for blog writing.

1 .Rosemary

WordPress Blogging Themes

This theme is specially designed for bloggers who want to create their own websites. This theme will surely help you share all customizable functionalities. This is specifically suited for the blogger.

2. Malina

WordPress Blogging Themes

With the name Malina, it has an excellent design with an attractive header. This is a very user-friendly theme with five unique pre-installed skins.

All of them are animated so that you can change them according to your wishes. You have numerous options to select from. It also has a lot of customizations to make your blogging look beautiful.

3. Astra 

WordPress Blogging Themes

If you are searching for a light and refreshing theme, then you have selected the perfect blog theme.

This is a free theme, but let us tell you that it has fantastic performance and gives you immense freedom to use it. It has a single-click installation system and lots of customizations to increase your ease. This is an ideal blogging theme for beginners.

4. Wp Tuts

WordPress Blogging Themes

Now, I will tell you about the fourth WordPress blog template, also widely known as WPTuts+. With the help of this WPTuts+ page builder, you can easily create unique responsive web pages for your blogging. 

It comes with many unique features, including a wpbakery code editor, full-fledged support for WordPress SEO, custom logo design with thumbnail, unlimited colors, many beautiful skins, a beautiful progress bar, and so on.

5. Jnews

WordPress Blogging Themes

Another great blogging Theme that many people use is the Jnews Theme. 

One amazing feature that this platform offers is the pre-designed demos. It also comes with many great customization options. You can test it and make your blog theme.

6. The Issue

WordPress Blogging Themes

Next in line is the issue theme. It comes with many great features, and you can certainly test it and find out which pre-designed demos are best for you. 

With the help of this great feature, you can easily create fantastic and user-friendly post styles.

Moreover, if you want to personalize your page layouts, you can easily use the pre-designed templates.  This theme also allows you to switch back and forth between multiple header layouts.

7. Soledad

WordPress Blogging Themes

The following blog theme that will surely grab your attention is Soledad. Soledad has high-quality themes that provide great looks and quality functionality. 

This site comes with various pre-designed pages and sliders that are designed by professional designers. There is also a lot of customization available for you. 

With the help of the Soledad theme, you can change the look and feel of your blog just by choosing from the thousands of colors and themes.

8. Kicker

WordPress Blogging Themes

Finally, we have Kicker. Kicker is definitely the best blogging theme for users who love WordPress. This theme comes with a unique user-friendly setup that makes it easy for people to use it. 

With the help of Kicker, you can change the look and feel of your blog at all times and experience a great sense of satisfaction along the way.

9. Blogar

WordPress Blogging Themes

If you are looking for a blogging journey that will make an impact, you should try blogar. It is simple but beautiful blog template that is made easy to use by simply adding a single plug-in. 

Blogar comes with several pre-designed pages that are ready to be used. It is a high-quality theme with numerous features and templates to make your blogging journey as easy and smooth as possible.

10. NewSource

WordPress Blogging Themes

There is another great theme called Newsource. Newsource is a fully responsive theme that will change based on the width of your screen. 

The theme comes with various sliders and visual elements to give you the best visual experience every time when view your blog.

It also includes built-in SEO so you can get optimal search engine optimization results. 

These 10 themes are chosen after research and people reviews.

However, if you don’t like any theme, then you can also go for custom web designing, which is more costly. The average Website design package will cost you from $500 to $1200. At the same time, themes will cost you $40 to $150.

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