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For many years, we humans have used fire to keep ourselves warm today it’s mostly used in form of stoves. Wooden stoves are fuel by wood and are mainly prefer in this modern world. In this fast-growing technology period, a more luxurious lifestyle prefer. It’s applied to lifestyle and the surroundings as well. And the surroundings include the house and its decorations. For well decorated and designed inside just like other necessities matter the need to have something that could warm the place also matters, for which Wood Burning Stoves London would be effective to give that classic as well as luxurious look to the inside.

About the company:

And the company ‘The London Stove Company’ itself provides the best of its products which by burning the wood properly and effectively, provide more effective heat. And its more modern setup would not only give the expensive look but also save lots of space as well and would keep you warm and cozy as well.

A stove uses burning wood or electricity to generate heat to keep the surroundings warm. Wood-burning stoves are the most frequently used.


The first stove was patented in the 16th century. With the passage of time and changes in lifestyle, the ways of keeping us warm also changed. In this modern era, people look for comfort with style and this company called ‘The London Stove Company’ will provide you with this comfort and luxury at affordable rates as its pride is on its products and customer’s satisfaction.


This company not only provides stoves but is also good at providing plumbing, twin wall, twin wall flue, and chimney lining services. Although there are many products in the market for quality you can look up to this company as it provides good quality products with good services. It uses Poujoulat or Scheidel, which have a good reputation in the industry.

Services of the company:

Our company provides wood burning and multifuel stoves. They are working on a range of distributors to provide the customers with a variety of any stove of their choice and satisfaction. It not only provides the stove but if the customer is satisfied, they can also install it for your ease.

The installation of stoves:

The installation takes from one to three days depending upon the conditions provided. It’s just installation if there is already an existing fireplace, which would take less time, but it’s a complex task then I can take a bit more time but the services provided will try to complete it as quick as possible. And it also provides a platform for queries.

This company would suggest you not worry yourself with maintenance work instead you can take the package provided. The chimney can be swept once annually so that the working of the burner is at its best. The services provided would be of high quality and will fulfill the needs of household insures.

Other services of the company:

This company also provides qualified and experienced plumbers. Along with installing bathrooms to fixing small leakages, this company will provide you with what you desire.

Solution if there are no chimneys:

Even if there are no chimneys LSC will use a rigid twin-wall and its standard diameter is about 200mm. Any required change will provided.

As we all know with that the industry is big and has various products now but the quality of this company is that it uses Poujoulat or Scheidel that are of excellent reputation. You can paint the twin-wall, which is suitable for both the external and internal installations, to any of your desired colors in the case of Scheidel.

Twinwall can require the permission of planning and this local office is there for you so that you can comply with the requirements. And even besides that if you have any queries you can directly get in touch with the company

Chimney lining:

The chimneys are line as standard to reduce the chances of a buildup of tar and soot. And for liners, the company only uses the Poujoulat and Scheidel for the best outcome. Flue gases are keep up the liner by installing chimneys. By this, there is assurity that there is complete combustion within the liner. It also does not allow rusting from condensation growth over the years.

Pros of using these stoves:

There is a misconception that air pollution mainly comes from burning stoves is clear now and it is revealed that 70% of the burning emission are from fireplaces mainly not by using stoves.

And of course, we cannot believe the fact that these stoves are 100% eco-friendly but the point is with the advancement in technology and material, the stoves also have come a long way. Now they are not causing as much pollution as they use to in past.

The problem of air pollution will sort out by 2022. Now the manufacturers of the stove are implementing on producing Ecodesign Ready stoves that are exceeding the directive by seventy-five percent (75% which would reduce the wood smoke pollution.

Wood is, as we all know, a renewable source of energy and it at the very least doesn’t have as much negative impact as electricity or gas. The burning of wood almost emits 0.008kg of CO2 when compared to 0.189kg of gas and 0.517kg of electricity.

Burning wood is contemplat as carbon neutral. It is because the amount of CO2 absorbed is almost the same amount that is release when the same wood is burned. Which clear outs the fact that there is no extra amount of CO2 added to the environment.

Not only these wooden stoves are more efficient but they are also eco-friendly. This also clarifies the fact that instead of emitting all the heat through the chimney. For example, if you’re using the stoves specifically from Wood Burning Stoves London. It would reduce the heat loss and would keep the inside of your home more warm and cozy.


How to choose which wood stove is best for you?

The answer is quite simple, just by considering the size of space available and where you’re going to place it you can choose the desired stove of your choice.

Which is better wood stove or fireplace?

The efficiency of the wood-burning stove is 70% more than that of the fireplace as its efficiency is only about 20 to 30%.

Can a person leave the burning stove on overnight?

Yes, the person can leave the stove overnight.

How long will the woodstove last?

It lasts for a longer period mostly 10 to almost 20 years.


In short, with the passage of time and advancements the world has grown itself to a better place. It helps improving lifestyles of people has also changed. Now everyone looks for more effective ways of getting more benefit. This is possible with the style and even in case of heating our house. So for effective heating and styling, Wood Burning Stoves London is the best one to go. As it not only provides the best quality wood stoves but also the services to ensure the ease and comfort of the customer.

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