What to look for Before Buying a Microwave Oven, According to Kitchen Experts

There are several different types of microwave ovens in the market. Due to the variety, it is hard to choose one that suits your lifestyle. This article will help you choose the best microwave oven brand for your kitchen. Here are all the factors you should consider before buying a microwave oven.

Family size

It is the most significant factor in this list because it determines the capacity of your microwave oven. If you have a small family of 2-4 members, a microwave oven of 20L to 30l will work well for you. Any more members than 4, and you will need a capacity higher than 30L. This capacity also depends on how often you will use the microwave oven. 


This equation is straightforward. If you often use the microwave oven and cook in bulk, go for a higher voltage. If not, choose a less powerful microwave oven. However, keep in mind that some microwave ovens consume too much energy unnecessarily. Always compare the features and energy consumption of a microwave oven before buying it. The best microwave oven brand will utilize optimal power depending on its functions. 

Control panel

Because microwave ovens have several functions, their control panels can look messy. You must understand all the controls to get the most out of your microwave oven. Make sure that the control panel of your microwave oven is easy to use and clean. You can choose between these three types of control panels:

Mechanical: Come with a low-end model and endure rough usage.

Tact Dial Type: Come with a low-end model and endure rough usage.

Feather Touch: Come with a high-end model and work as a touchscreen.

Auto-cook setting

This option simplifies your cooking process by automating it. Some microwave ovens have an auto-cook feature for Indian dishes, and the recipes are endless. So if you are a busy person who does not have the time to cook, look for this feature. However, the auto-cook option is rare in low-end microwave ovens.

Child lock feature

Microwave ovens are devices that need careful handling at all times. They need microwave-safe utensils and several precautions. Some microwaves ovens even have an alarm beyond which you should not use it without a break. Children may not understand the specifics of using them, due to which they must have a child lock feature.

Types of microwave ovens

Apart from size, energy consumption and different features, do not forget to look at the types of microwave ovens. Every microwave oven is specialized for a specific function. Here are the three types of microwave ovens. 

Grill Microwave Oven

If you like to grill meat and vegetables often, these popular microwave ovens are ideal for you. They come with several grilling accessories and have extensive options the other microwave ovens lack. You can use a grill microwave oven for simple tasks like defrosting, heating, making popcorn, rice, pasta and brewing beverages. Some grill microwave ovens, like the best IFB Microwave, have hygiene features like Steam clean and Disinfect.

Solo Microwave Oven

These microwaves are suitable for reheating food and simple cooking. These basic models of microwave ovens cannot bake or grill. You can only use microwave-safe glass and plastic in these microwave ovens. If you want a simple, affordable microwave oven, a Solo microwave oven is ideal for you. 

Convection Microwave Oven

Convection microwaves have a fan to circulate heat uniformly. These microwave ovens are suitable for baking and grilling, but they cannot replace a traditional baking oven. You can use them to grill, brown, roast, bake and crisp anything. Convection microwave ovens are more expensive than others, but the perks are worth it. 

Microwave ovens come with different features, strengths and weaknesses. While it is hard to choose one from this much variety, some simple tips can help you make an informed decision. These were all the factors to consider before buying a microwave oven. If you ensure to check these factors beforehand, you will find the best microwave oven brand for your household.

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