What to know when finding a home builder

Perhaps you have been looking for your dream home and have not found it, or you have always wanted to build your own home. Being in the situation where you can now do that very thing is a happy and exciting time, but you also need to be practical and consider important factors such as finding an experienced home renovation macedon ranges. When you make the best possible choice you can get a home that is exactly what you hoped for and suits you and the family just as you wanted. Your home might be something traditional, or it might be something unique and special that reflects who you are.

Looking for a custom builder

A custom gisborne builder, is not the same as a regular builder. Typically the latter will work on many homes over one year, whereas a custom home builder works on just a few. Sometimes with a standard builder, they own the land that is being built on but with a custom builder, you might have the land already. Three other things that stand out about a custom home builder are;

  1. A custom home build costs more than your standard builder – There are several reasons for this but you will be glad to hear that the cost is worth it. Essentially a standard builder builds standard homes but when you have a new home builder, Macedon Ranges you are having everything customised from the plans and up. It takes longer to build custom homes but you can get very specific needs met, high-quality materials and finishes and have a personal touch in every aspect of the build.
  2. You can get a home built directly meeting your needs – As mentioned this pushes up the costs but it means you can get so many more things in place exactly as you want. Not just the layout and size of the rooms, but where the doors go, what materials to use in the walls and windows, which way you want the house to face, and much much more. You do not have that kind of choice when it comes to the typical build in the suburbs.
  3. You will have more of a relationship with a custom home builder – With all the control and input you will have to put in this means you have a much more familiar arrangement with the home builder Macedon Ranges located. Most builders have a more limited line of communication with the buyer.


When you find a great custom builder who has the experience and a good local reputation you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to put in a lot more input, than you would with a typical builder. You will also have to pay more. But that dream home is a lot more likely with a custom builder, you can have a home that meets all your needs!

Bio –

Welcome to Jackson Dwellings, the best luxury builders in the Macedon Ranges. We’re dedicated to building luxury homes of exceptional quality, with a focus on excellent workmanship, open client communication and unrivalled professionalism.

Since its launch in 2010, Jackson Dwellings has greatly evolved. When we first began, our passion for master craftmanship drove us to focus on the top end of the market, where we can fully utilise our knowledge, talents and outstanding construction skills.

Our desire to succeed has given us the impetus to transform our hard work into a successful building company. It goes without saying that we are a proud member of Housing Industry Australia.

Jackson Dwellings has completed many luxury residences throughout the Macedon Ranges area. We are honoured to be part of the high end of the industry in this beautiful part of the world. We know our homes will stand the test of time in terms of design, build quality and property value.

Our clients are as passionate about their luxury homes as we are about building them. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a high quality home that exceeds all your expectations? To find out more about our building services, please contact us today.

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