What Makes Smoking More Dangerous Than Vape?

You know smoking is bad for you, I don’t have to point that out. You also know the ramifications of smoking, such as cancers, respiratory and cardiac diseases, much more. You know the hazards to others, you know the nasty odors that follow you around, you know the danger of just burning things in your home especially when tired.

You don’t know, possibly, why the smoke causes these problems, though. This is understandable, solicit talk a little bit about it. Burning, a.k.a. combustion, is just a high-energy chemical reaction. As the chemicals are changed to other chemicals, new chemicals are created. Among these are ash, toxic compounds and the released oils that aren’t flammable. Smoke is made of these toxic chemicals and ash, serving as irritants and sources of cancer and various other forms of toxicity. It’s really only the oils you want, wherein the flavor and the active ingredient, in this case nicotine, are delivered.

If you can eliminate the ash and toxins and just get something approximately comparable to smoking to deliver your nicotine and a better flavor, you have a vastly healthier way to smoke. That is exactly what vape products are, they are a simulation of smoking that delivers nicotine, a unique flavor it really nothing else.

This solution is comprised of a glycerin compound like propylene glycol or vegetable oil, nicotine extract and that artificial flavoring. There is nothing else there, and the glycerin compound doesn’t interact with the body at all. The flavoring doesn’t really either, other than the sense of taste and smell as well as mild tactile responses. The nicotine is the only thing really absorbed, and so far, we have documented no major health risks with this. That doesn’t make it guaranteed to be healthy, a longer period of time needs to pass before we can determine if long-term health side effects could arise from vaping. However, nobody is really anticipating this being the case, knowing what we know about the ingredients in vape juice.

Gone are the odors, dangers of burning things and the risks of secondhand smoke as well. If a passerby manages to encounter the exhaled vapor in the brief seconds before it completely dissipates, the most they are likely to do is sneeze if anything else. It is impossible to “hotbox” a space while using a vape.

There do also exist nicotine-free vapes, allowing you to gradually kick the habit of nicotine altogether if you still desire to do so. This is a much less painful way to gradually wean yourself off of nicotine than the various quitting products out there on the market.

Combine this with a wild variety of flavors, one to please everyone, and you have an alternative that allows people to live healthier, live more affordably and do this all without having to give up the things in life they truly enjoy.

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