What Is The Importance Of After School Learning Programs?

The scope and meaning of  “School” have broadened and evolved a lot over the years. With the hybrid, offline and online mode of teaching, incorporating the “New Normal” schooling and learning can be defined in a million different ways. And this gives a larger volume to the importance of after school programmes.

With the pace at which the world is moving, as an educator or parents, we need to ensure that our children keep up with the pace. Unlike in earlier times, just schooling is not enough for the academic and personal growth of the child. It has become imperative to enroll for after school learning programs. And by after school program, we do not mean tutoring. We mean, enroll the kid for programs that not just build the academic knowledge, but also focus on the overall psychological and personal development of the child.

If you are wondering – What is the importance of after school learning programs? Below are a few reasons you should give it thought. 7 Initiatives For Productive Problem Solving

What Id After School Learning Program?

After school learning programs are often confused with tutoring classes that help the child to cope with the homework and school syllabus. But after school learning is more than just this. One of the most amazing qualities of humans is the ability to use our skills to advance in our personal, academic and professional growth.

While for some these skills come automatically and for others, we have to nurture and build these skills. And this is exactly what an after school learning program does. Every child is different and has different capabilities to learn and grow. After school programs help the kid to become self-dependent, confident, boost their academic performance, build cognitive skills and most importantly groom them to become independent and confident individuals.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider after school programs for your children.

1.     Boosts Confidence:

Children are exposed to several other things than just academics in the after school learning centres. This helps them to build confidence and learn to face various situations of life on their own. After school learning is not a tutoring centre and hence nothing will be spoon fed there. A child gradually learns to tackle the issues and do things on their own. And when they see themselves progressing, this motivates them to take up more challenges. After school programs help in building literacy, numeracy and cognitive, critical thinking skills.

2.     Improves Communication and Social Skills:

With the lockdowns and offline schools in the past two years, children have become too used to the virtual world. But this is not how it is going to be forever. They will have to face the world and come out of the virtual world cocoon. And after school learning programs are a good way to help your child build social skills. Even though the sessions may be in the hybrid or online mode, having a chance to interact outside of their school circle, gives them a wider perspective to interact. Once the kids are comfortable opening up and expressing their thoughts socially, communication and social skills help them in future personal as well as professional growth.

3.     Improves Mental Stimulation:

According to child psychology experts, it is believed that when children are out of school and out of the classroom and associated learning, their mastery of certain skill areas may decline. Even though now the kids have gone back to school, however, due to the uncertainty, inconsistency and a completely different learning experience in the post-covid period, it is believed that the skills could still be affected in certain areas.

Therefore, after school programs  can help children stay alert in these potential educational as well as personal development zones and can also keep their young minds stimulated.

4.     Broadens Creativity and Imaginations:

While creativity and imagination open a lot of doors for confidence building, they can also be stifled very quickly. Just imagining and having big dreams is not enough, children should know how to express themselves and bring those dreams into reality. And this is where after school programs step in. They provide many opportunities and outlets to the children to express their creativity and bring their imaginations to life. They get the chance to think, innovate, explore and implement. Which further boosts their confidence and groom them to become successful and independent individuals.

Kumon understands the importance of after school learning programs and hence offers a unique and curated Kumon Method Of Learning. Kumon is not a tutoring centre but a place where your child learns and grow their potential to the fullest at their own pace. We have personalized Math learning and English Learning programs based on the learning capabilities of the child. Every child is important for us and therefore we have dedicated educators available to assist the children whenever required. Attend our parent orientation and free assessment program to know more about Kumon.

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