What is the fastest Internet speed available in the US right now?

The internet is subjective in the sense that its use varies from person to person to person. However, everyone and we mean literally everyone loves a fast connection. Because no matter your use, it helps you surf the internet without any hassle of buffering/outage, etc.

However, this depends on the ISP that you are subscribed with or affiliated with both at home or the office. It will also depend on the location where you are and the type of ISP you have. To find the fastest and the best connections in your area and no matter where you move, you need to do some research but we are narrowing it down for you to “some” research from “a lot”.

The factor it all comes down to is the speed, which comes down to the plan and packages you have gotten. Mind you, it all depends on your use so do not go crying about with loose internet connections and a bad package in hand.

Thus, we have prepared a guide with the best available ISP majorly spread out and chances are high there will be at least one of these in the area you move to, rural or urban and thus the detail you will need to be hooked with them. The major ISP’s include the names and you might have heard them such as Xfinity with their great service, Mediacom for its high-value plans, frontier, and 2 others that would come under the best ones in 2021.

The Highest Speed ISP On The Top List 2021 Are:

  • Xfinity Internet
  • Mediacom Internet
  • AT&T Internet Internet
  • Verizon Internet
  • Frontier Internet


Xfinity is one of the leading High-Speed Internet Providers in 2021, owing to their Gigabit Pro optic internet service, which offers download and upload rates of up to 2 gigabits per second (Gbps). The plan begins at $299 a month, making it one of the most costly in our rating. It features a 1.2 terabyte (TB) data capacity and a 12-month agreement. It is accessible in several states. Xfinity offers one of the most extensive residential internet coverage regions of any ISP on our list.

The Gigabit Pro provides ample bandwidth for people who run a home business, have a family of severe gamers, or have many forms of technology at the same time. If 2 Gbps is more than you need, then Xfinity also offers a cheaper fiber package, the Gigabit. It provides download speeds of up to 1,200 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload rates of up to 35 Mbps and costs $110.95 per month. Xfinity now includes six more cable plans with download speeds ranging from 50 to 800 Mbps and monthly prices ranging from $45 to $105.95.


Mediacom is ranked No. 2 in our list of the Fastest High-Speed ISPs of 2021 and No. 6 in our list of the Best ISPs for Gaming. Its 1 Gig package provides download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps) and upload rates of up to 50 Mbps.

The plan has a data maximum of 6,000 gigabytes (GB) and does not require a contract. It costs $79.99 for the first year for new users and $139.99 for future years. Mediacom claims that with this plan, everyone in your home may be on a device at the same time without slowing down.

AT&T Internet

AT&T ranks third among some of the fastest High-Speed ISPs and fifth among some of The most Affordable ISPs in 2021. Its Internet 1000 data package is a fiber broadband service with download speeds of up to 940 Mbps and upload rates of equal magnitude. According to AT&T, the plan allows users to download a 1 GB file in under a minute and watch videos in 4K Ultra-high-definition (HD) on two devices at most.

The plan does not have a data limit, but consumers may need to sign a 12-month lease to have the best rate. It is generally $60 per month and accessible in 21 states.


 This is on the fourth and people looking for high speeds in the Northeastern U.S. can think of this option being Verizon Fios. Fourth in ratings, the gigabit connection is a fiber optics broadband option which is the fast of today’s time and will be able to hold 5G soon too and is second-best in Fiber ISPs of 2021. It holds speed up to 940 Mbps and download speeds with 880 M bps caps

It places forth in our ratings of the Fastest High-Speed ISPs of 2021 and second in the Best Fiber ISPs of 2021. The Verizon Fios firm is the type with a Gigabit broadband connection with a fiber plan with up to 940 Mbps download speeds and up to 880 Mbps upload speeds.

Upload speeds are critical for transmitting data (including films and images), gaming, and seamless video conferencing. Whereas some ISPs do not, Verizon highlights those speeds. The Gigabit Connection costs $79.99 per month and includes unlimited bandwidth with no obligation.


Frontier is ranked sixth among the Fastest High-Speed Internet Service Providers in 2021. Frontier also ranks first in Best ISPs for Gaming rankings. Its FiberOptic 1Gig bundle package starts at $79.99 per month and features download and upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps and 880 Mbps, respectively. The plan has no data restriction and is appropriate for multi-device households, at-home business owners, online gamers, and smart homes.https://businessfinancediary.com/

To Conclude: What Would Be A Good Option For You?

So what option is good for you and what to choose still depends on your usage but we narrowed down the speeds for you and the type of usage associated with it for your understanding. You also need to know the devices connected in your home and office and then finalize the plan that you want and from which ISP.

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