What is personal disability insurance?

Personal disability insurance is a form of insurance when the disability prevents the policy holder continuing to do work because of any form of disability. This is a income protection policy which compensates for the fraction of their lost work and financially they are taken care of according to their policy they have enrolled in.

Types of disability insurance coverage:

On the basis of time period of a disability insurance coverage is classified into three types:

1- Short term disability

2- Long term disability & 

3- Permanent disability 

Broad classification of disabilities-

• Physical disability

• Locomotor disability

• Visual disability 

• Disability in speech 

• Disability in hearing 

• Mental disability

• Leprosy cured person which prevents him from undertaking any gainful occupation.

• Disability caused due to injury like road accidents, occupational injury & falls etc.

How the policy can help:-

Enrolling in the policy can become more beneficial if planned in a right way considering important factors like: Age , health, income, Occupation, risks involved with the occupation which means more income more premium & more risk more premium.

Not having a personal disability insurance, think about it!!

Today insurances have become integral part of our lives from house insurance, car insurance, phone and even life insurance so why not a personal disability insurance in which an individual is even alive to see the benefits paid unlike the life insurance.

Your insurance is well suited to prepare you for the worst case scenarios.

Do you need disability insurance?

About 15% of global population lives with some kind of physical or mental disability and its repercussions are seen on a day to day basis in individuals life. People from the rural areas are more prone to get disability because of the more challenging tasks and activities involved in their daily life but this doesn’t means that people living in the urban areas don’t need the one. This is the best time to buy the insurance as the cost of coverage will increase as you age and it also covers the illnesses that occurs on and off the job.

The chances of getting a disability increases with the increasing age and more likely it can affect you in your working age.

With increasing ageing population and global increase in chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc personal disability insurance is the way forward 

 – Common Problems faced due to disability

– Feels to be the financial burden on the family 

– Rehabilitation and health outcomes are affected

– restricted day to day activities

– Limited social support and negative attitude towards disables 

Benefits of having disability insurance

Disability has now become a human rights issue; with assisted care and support in the form of insurance the dignity, happiness & wellbeing the rights of an individual can be preserved.

As a friend we won’t let you feel alienated, it’s our responsibility to take care of you and help you to grow into who you want to be.

Your care and wellbeing is our happiness.

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