What Is An Interactive Video?

What Is An Interactive Video?

The importance that interaction video has when it comes to achieving marketing objectives is vox populi. 70% of industry professionals say that this tool converts better than any other medium. It is not surprising then that predictions predict that by 2021 85% of online traffic will be for video consumption. For this reason, using video marketing as a communication strategy is becoming more widespread.

Among the types of video marketing strategies that can be used, we find several that are already well known in the sector. This is the case of Social Video Marketing (square videos without audio and with subtitles), video tutorials, testimonial videos or even webinars (live online conferences). But lately we are witnessing the birth of a new audiovisual tool: interactive video.

On other occasions we have already talked about this new concept of video marketing in other posts on El Blog de Blau. However, today we are going to explain in depth the basics of interactive video.

What is interactive video?

Interaction video is audiovisual content that requires the active participation of the viewer. The user can interact with the video and be involved in decisions that enrich the content. There are many types of “games” that can be applied in this format to achieve user complicity: changes in point of view, selection game, surveys, data collection, etc.

And how do you do it? Add layers above the video to make it clickable and responsive to user actions. Finally, several codes are generated that shape the video and must be inserted into a web page.

Types of interactive videos

There are several types of interaction video that can serve different purposes. For example, the Video Gallery Quiz allows the user to ask a series of questions as a contest. In line with this style we can find the Video Quiz, in which we have to play click at the moments indicated by the video. The Video Test format is a survey in which the user’s opinion is requested. A Video Landing can help you collect data through a form integrated into the video itself. Finally, one of our favorites, the Video Menu, where you can go exchanging and choosing the points of view of the video.

And what are they for?

As there are different formats of interactive videos, they can be used to achieve a wide variety of objectives. One of the things for which this format is useful is to generate traffic on your website. It can be derived from social networks, newsletter, etc. By generating attractive and innovative content we can attract attention to direct users to our website.

In addition, they can be used to create brand awareness, make the user know more aspects of our company or our products or generate a better positioning in their minds. In addition, it also helps to retain the user and turn him into a prescriber of your brand. Last but not least, it can help us improve the sales of our services or products.

What are the benefits of interactive video?

There are many objectives that interactive video can help us achieve. But why is this format better than traditional video?

Interaction video increases the time spent on the web. This is because, thanks to the requirement of participation, it manages to keep the user’s attention much longer than traditional video.

The game play that this form implies manages to extend the repetition of the video by two. The user repeats to see the points of view that have been lost, try to beat the game again or get a higher percentage of participation, for example.

They produce a positive emotional sensation, which increases the purchase intention exponentially.

They generate more attention in the video. With traditional video there are times when even if the user sees your video and you get an impression, this does not mean that you have really caught their attention. With the interactive format, by requiring the user’s participation, greater attention is generated and the messages of the video are delivered more successfully.

They achieve greater engagement and improve the perception of the brand. Being a new and fun method, the brand image improves automatically. In addition, these videos are likely to get more likes and/or comments and to be shared more easily.

Since interactive videos must be consumed directly on a web page, they increase the traffic generated on it.

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