What does a tax advisor do in a company?

Knowing what a tax advisor does in a company is important to avoid problems with the Treasury. What are those functions of an accounting and tax advisor and why are they necessary? As experts in tax advice in Craigieburn, we are going to give you the keys that justify this service. The advisor is … Let’s see it!

We must know that a tax advisor cannot force a client to follow his advice. Therefore, you do not have legal responsibility if there is a fault. This makes it essential to have a trustworthy consultancy, with years of experience to support your activity. Let’s first see what a tax advisor is.

What is a tax advisor? Advisor is …

To find out what it does, we must bear in mind that it takes care of everything related to paying taxes.

The true work of a Tax Agent in Craigieburn is preventive, that is, prior to the presentation of the same and the preparation of the accounts. Find a way to save as much money as possible, always within the law and the possibilities allowed by the current legal framework. Therefore, that is what tax advice is : in addition to the generic name of the business or company that provides this service, it is the work carried out by that professional so that your business optimizes its profitability and is up to date with its tax obligations.

Tax advisor

Functions of an accounting and tax advisor: the constitution of the company, key in the tasks of a tax advisor

One of the key moments to have the help of an advisor is when you start a company. With your help, we will be able to define in which of the different types of companies available we are most interested in the creation of our company in order to have greater tax savings. Also, the dissolution can help us to close it so that the losses are minimal.

On the other hand, the tasks of a tax advisor also have to do with:

  • The presentation of corporation tax and the different periodic and annual declarations that we have to present.
  • You can help us with our income tax return or that of our employees.
  • In addition to these functions, a tax advisor is the figure in charge of the very important calculation and payment of personal income tax on the payroll .

If we buy a property or have any type of capital increase we will also need to declare it to the Treasury, so the help of this professional will be great for us. The payment of VAT also generates on many different occasions doubts that this professional will help you solve.

Apart from this, what does a tax advisor do in a company? Supervision, creditors and responsibility of the tax advisor

Your advisor will also help you in the supervision of the fiscal situation of the company. If we are going to receive an inspection from the Treasury, having someone in charge of checking that everything works correctly and that it is being done in accordance with the law is vital.

On the other hand, if we are going to go bankrupt, this professional figure will also be necessary. Even so, it should be noted that this profession is not regulated as something mandatory by law. Therefore, it will not be the responsibility of the tax advisor but of the employer to have everything in order.

In other words, if you carry out an illegal activity or make a mistake in paying taxes, you will not be able to hide behind what your tax advisor does, escape warning you, or advise you to commit the irregularity. This makes it even more important to know what they are doing and to have someone who offers us the best guarantee of trust, as we have done for 25 years at Anta Consulting. We have the advisor you need. The survival and success of your company may be at stake if you don’t do things right!

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