What Are Nicotine Salts?

When you read about vapes, one of the things they like to emphasize is the absence of actual tobacco products in favor of things like inert glycerin compounds, artificial flavorings and nicotine salts, also known as nic salts. What are nicotine salts? How are they safer than tobacco? Today, I’m going to explain how vaping in general is much safer than cigarettes, but I’m also going to give you a warning that we can’t say that we know for a fact that vaping is 100% safe, there hasn’t been enough time for long-term potential health issues to arise, though none are expected, knowing what we know about the components used in vaping.

First of all, let’s point out that the nicotine itself isn’t really the problem with smoking, aside from being extremely addictive and the reason the people continue to smoke after they initially try it. It is very bad for people with developing bodies, hence minors shouldn’t have it, and it isn’t good for people with cardiac or pulmonary issues as well as respiratory issues, so asthmatics and people with heart disease probably shouldn’t be using nicotine. However, for the average healthy adult, the amount of nicotine found in any kind of consumer product is going to be too low to really do any harm beyond that addiction factor. It is true, nicotine and significant amounts is extremely toxic, but it the tobacco has to be cooked down into a nasty syrup in order to do this, a practice exercise both by natives of the New World as well as early colonial farmers before modern pesticides were invented.

As for nic salts, these are not really salts in any conventional sense. A vape or a substitute smokeless tobacco product isn’t going to taste or seem salty, salt is just used to describe the crystalline nature of isolated, pure nicotine when removed from tobacco and other sources. The tobacco itself and all of the other trappings that come with it are left behind when salts like this are produced, flavorless salts that are utilized in quitting products like gums and patches, as well as vapes and the artificial smokeless tobacco substitutes that are popular among those whom use to dip or chew.

Vaping is not smoking, literally and figuratively. There is no actual combustion going on, with a low-level heating coil that instantly evaporates the juice solution, providing a cool, moist and often slightly effervescent substance that is inhaled and satisfies just like smoking, even better in many people’s eyes actually. It also doesn’t produce any kind of secondhand smoke, residual odors, waste – or butts, and if you get the right kind of reusable device, you’re keeping waste and pollution to a minimum.

It is worth noting that despite none of the dangers from smoking, vaping is span anywhere that smoking is, meaning that it can’t be used as a way to get away with smoking where it’s not allowed. Though, between you and me, I found many opportunities where I can discreetly talk myself into a corner at a store and take a quick pull off of my vape pen when I can’t get a way to smoke. You’re not supposed to do this though, so don’t.

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