Ways to Quit Smoking Safely

Every smoker can relate to the helplessness one feels when the urge to smoke kicks right in.  No matter how hard you try to quit, you end up lighting one after another. We all know how hazardous and injurious smoking is, but we also know addictions are not easy to separate ways with. And that’s when we consider opting for less harmful solutions.

Quitting any addiction requires a lot more than a strong will. One needs to have alternates and solutions that help divert our mind or harm us less. Vapes, gums, and other such solutions have proven to be helpful. However, if you love the feel of a pencil cigarette in your hand, the Winston cigarettes might do you good.

The extensive Winston cigarette types allow us to choose wisely. The Company has always followed the steps of its forefathers and kept no secret ingredient hidden. The level of tar and nicotine made Winston win the best cigarette brand consecutively after its launch in the 90s. With the Winston coupon, you can get multiple deals. And packs of different flavors at a discounted rate.

To help you explore more options, which are less harmful to our health, we have gathered a list of brands that offer safe smoking.

Camel 1
Among the list of mildest and lightest cigarettes, Camel 1 tops the list. The brand offers two categories catering to both strong hit lovers and the ones looking for milder alternates. Divided into three main categories gold, blue, and silver, the brand also offers numerous Turkish flavors.

We recommend you the silver pack of Camel 1 as the version is among ultra-light cigarettes with a nicotine level of 0.1 mg while the tar ratio is 1 mg. If you are looking for a nicotine smell and flavor, you might also like the Menthol and ulyooth packs.

It is safe to smoke the ultra-light silver, and light blue Camel 1, as they serve the smoking purpose adequately while keeping the harm minimum. For a richer taste, you can get your hands on the gold pack as it contains a larger ration of tar and nicotine.

Herbal Cigarettes
Let us all agree vegan and herbal alternates to everything are practically a less harmful choice to go for. Nicotine is the main ingredient that makes cigarettes, cigars, and other smoking options detrimental to our health.

If you want to quit smoking, it is best to first switch to less noxious alternates so withdrawals can be minimized. Herbal cigarettes are free of nicotine and offer neutral flavors which according to psychological studies serve the purpose well.

As compared to e-cigarettes, herbal cigarettes contain a minimal to no proportion of addictive substances. You can readily purchase herbal cigarettes from large retail stores like Amazon and Walmart. We recommend you to get Quit Go gums that keep the cravings at bay.

Vape Pods
At times it is not the flavor of the cigarette we are craving, it is the puff and smoking it away that we miss. Not only does it keep a smoker’s metabolism cycle routine but also reduces heart burns for them. Another safest way to quit smoking is to use vapes.

The vape culture gained immense popularity and is widely followed by millions. Mostly younger generations. Offering multiple pod designs and flavors to choose from. The vapes available at Element vape cater to all our needs. From noobs to pros, pods for all are readily available.

Among the safest vapes are the Aspire Vilter pod kit and the SMOK range which is also popular for the pods that fit well in pockets and can also be worn around the neck. You can also use the Skope Air as it is a beginner-friendly pod kit and works well if you are quitting cigarettes.

If you are looking for a complete diversion from cigarettes and all other addictive substances, lozenges might serve the purpose well. They revive your respiratory system as well as fix your sore throat. The best part is, lozenges are not harmful or additive at all. All you have to do is put one in your mouth and let it melt.

The Nicotine lozenge is specifically designed to help smokers quit. They were excellently well to control withdrawal symptoms and can be consumed up to 20 a day. It’s a slow process but is among the healthiest ways to quit smoking.

We know it is not a day’s task to give up on a lifelong habit. If you are a chain smoker, we suggest you switch to Winston’s Ultra-light cigarettes, not only are they safe but the nicotine and tar levels in minimal compared to other cigarette brands.

We hope this article helps you make wiser decisions and choose the best for your health!

By Cary Grant

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