Waterproof Tarps Everything You Need to Know About Them

You might want to purchase PBC waterproof tarps for your needs. Maybe you want to use the waterproof tarps for household purposes or you want to use them for your commercial requirements. Despite the reason, when you have proper knowledge regarding the product, you can make better and more relevant choices. Choosing the best waterproof tarps is an easy process, only when you know them properly. 

What Are the Waterproof Tarps?

The waterproof tarps are a long sheet of robust, flexible, versatile, and waterproof material. Waterproof tarps are usually made of plastics, canvas, and polyester. Most low-quality and affordable tarps are made of polyethylene. They usually come with reinforced grommets to form the attachment points for ropes, preventing them from blowing away. 

Types of Waterproof Tarps

You can differentiate the tarps are per their different parameters. Depending on the type of the material, waterproof tarps are classified as polyethylene, canvas, vinyl, or polyester. Apart from the materials, tarps can also be differentiated based on their thickness. As per the thickness, tarps can be classified as super-heavy-duty, heavy-duty, and regular-duty tarps. 

Polyethylene Tarps 

Poly-tarps are one of the most famous non-conventional fabrics. They are a laminate of woven and sheet material. The center part of the poly-tarps is loosely woven from the plastic sheets of the polyethylene. This develops a waterproof fabric. Not to mention, the poly tarps are also capable of preventing resistance from every direction. As per Creativemechanisms, tensile strength of polyethylene is high.

Most of the poly-tarp sheets are made of low-density polyethylene or high-density polyethylene. When treated with relevant chemicals, the poly-tarps can easily last for years even when exposed to harmful outdoor elements. However, if the waterproof tarps are untreated, they can lose strength and become brittle while being overexposed to sunlight. 

Canvas Tarps 

Even though the popularity of canvas tarps is increasing, keep in mind that they aren’t % waterproof. However, they come with a great water-resistant feature. They are capable of sheltering your products from slight rain, but not heavy rain. However, make sure the canvas tarps are slightly slanted to enhance their water draining feature. If the structure of the canvas tarps isn’t slant, the water will stay on top of the canvas tarps, damaging the sheet. Additionally, the water will also reach beneath the tarps. 

PVC Tarps 

PVC traps are one of the best waterproof tarps available in the market and they are perfect for heavy-duty usage. This is why many people consider purchasing PVC tarps while selecting something extremely waterproof. The PVC tarps come with robust construction. Most PVC tarps are coated with yellow vinyl. This is why they are extremely waterproof. Due to their stronger construction quality, the PVC tarps are highly effective at withstanding normal tear, wear, and abrasion. They also prevent grease, mold, mildew, oil, and acid from penetrating through. As vinyl tarps are extremely waterproof, robust, durable, and versatile, they are perfect for agriculture, construction, and industrial usage. 


The waterproof tarps can prove beneficial in various situations. Durability, versatility, affordability, and wide applications are some of the great features of waterproof tarps. This is why many people prefer waterproof tarps over other materials. 

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